Report: Nadya Suleman…Octoporn???

I know I said I would never write about her again, but I couldn’t resist this one. Vivid Entertainment is interested in turning Nadya Suleman into a porn star. They are interested in signing her to star in a porn film for a $1 million dollar deal. They want her to have sex with 8 different men in 8 different scenes.

The studio, is inviting her to sit and talk with the porn industry giant.

FOX News reports:,2933,500688,00.html

I know I said quite a lot of negative things about her, but I’ll say something positive for once. She should go for it. It’s work and it’s money. A good opportunity. You’d be a fool if you refuse this. Plus, I’m beggining to see that Nadya is kind of cute looking. I wouldn’t be surprised if she said “yes” to this deal. I would watch her porn if she did this.


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