Report: McDonald’s sued by a customer over his wife’s nudie pics!!!

At an Arkansas McDonald’s fast food restaurant, a man named Phillip Sherman took nude photos of his wife on a cell phone. When he went to McD’s for a bite to eat, he left his cell phone there and forgot to take it with him. Realizing that the photos of his naked wife were on the cell phone, an employee took hold of the phone and put his wife’s nude pics online for the world to see with the pics including Phillip’s home address and phone number on them. Phillip’s wife is now getting creepy stalkers and is suing McDonald’s main corporation for 3$ million in damages.

TMZ reports:

1. It was his fault that he left the nude pics on his cell phone when he should be smart enough to take the pics off the cell phone before going anywhere.

2. Phillip should be suing the person who took the phone and uploaded the photos to the internet, not the entire McDonald’s corp itself.

3. The judge won’t reward Phillip anything because this will be hard to prove who took the phone and uploaded them online.

Yep, I predict the lawsuit won’t even happen and will get the dismissal and thrown out.

To all you married men out there or to those who aren’t married who have a girlfriend, lessons be learned….it maybe fun taking nudie pics of your wife or girlfriend… or making homemade porn videos with her…but if you don’t want the whole world to see them…keep them in your own privacy really well.


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