HHHHHhhhmmmmmmmm…. could “The Expendables” actually be Rambo 5?

So let me get this straight. Sly Stallone announced his next movie titled “The Expendables” which will be a PG-13 rated action flick. Sly is not going for the bloodfest this time around. He already signed Jason Statham and Jet Li for leading roles, and now Sly is after Forest Whitaker.

The plot for “Expendables” is a group of mercernaries to overthrow a Latin American dictator. That’s all the plot details were given so far. Stallone himself said he is playing the leading role and directing both but he was pretty tight lipped on what role Stallone was going to play.

Does that word “Expendable” sound familiar to you, folks?

Go back and watch the movie “Rambo: First Blood Part II” and there’s a line in the film where Rambo says, “I’m expendable”. Which is one of the most well known catchphrases of a Rambo film.

Yep, there you have it, everyone. “Expendables” is Rambo 5. Notice the plot synopsis to “Expendables” is very Rambo like too. Nice try on trying to surprise us Sly but if you know the Rambo movies well enough, then you wouldn’t find this a surprise. Sly didn’t say anything about who he is playing in “Expendables” yet ’cause he doesn’t want to reveal that he is playing Rambo once again this soon. Just watch as this project develops and you’ll see that I’m right. 🙂


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