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Report: Arnold to Hollywood, “I’m back”!!!

Arnold makes it official on his twitter, that he is officially coming back to Hollywood. The CAA is an entertainment and sports agency, that helps celebrities and movie stars find work in the entertainment business.

I wonder what Arnold’s first movie role will be now that he’s no longer governor? Hope it will be an action movie. It’s probably going to be that “Wings As Eagles” movie he’s been looking at for a long time.

Anyhow, I’m pretty sure the makers of the Terminator franchise will beg Arnold to return to the leading role for “Terminator 5”. Will Christian Bale star along with Arnold for the next Terminator flick, hopefully? I’m sure Arnold will get a longer role for the “Expendables” sequel.

I just hope Arnie will return to Terminator. I liked, “Terminator: Salvation”, it’s actually a great movie, but still, no Arnold. I want Arnold himself, not CGI Arnold. Hopefully he’ll still do action movies. I’m sure he will because Sly is still doing action movies. Did you know that Sly is a year older than Arnold? It’s true, look it up yourself.


Report: Is Josh Brolin the Church character for “The Expendables”???

That’s what Sheryl Main’s “Expendables” twitter page is hinting us. They wrote that Josh Brolin just finished “Jonah Hex” movie, Sheryl Main is on the cell phone with Josh, and he’s on the same flight she’s in…though the page fails to tell us why they are keeping in touch with him.

Sheryl Main’s twitter page here:


Yep, looks like Church will be Josh Brolin. The former Goonies star, the guy that starred in the Coen Bros. “No Country For Old Men” and played George W. Bush in Stone’s, “W.”.

Sly, Arny, and Josh playing in the same scene together? Hmmmm, I like it! 🙂


Thought: Who will Stallone get next for “Expendables”?

Sly said “Expendables” is to be a homecoming of ugly tough guys, a movie full of iconic action movie stars that aren’t so great looking starring in the same movie together. Sly already recruited Jason Statham, Jet Li, and Dolph Lundgren. You just know he’s going to get one more or a few.

The actors pictured above pretty much fit the ugly tough guys category.

Arnold will never happen, although it would be very surprising to me if Arnold agreed to do the movie, I don’t think he would.

I really think Sly should get Bruce Willis a role in the film. Sly and Bruce been best friends for years and they have never starred in a movie together yet. This would be a perfect project for Bruce in my opinion. Kurt Russell would also be a great addition to the cast. Sly and Kurt starred in “Tango and Cash” together and it would be great to see Sly and Kurt reunite in this also. Sly reuniting with two actors from his past, Kurt and Dolph would be great!!! So out of this entire list pictured above, Kurt and Bruce would be the best choices.


Cool Video: WHAT??? Did Sly just say he’s reuniting with Dolph Lundgren for “Expendables”?

Oh my, did I hear this correctly? Did Sly just say he’s looking to sign Dolph Lundgren for “Expendables”? Remember, Sly starred with Dolph in Rocky IV when Dolph played Ivan Drago. It be kick ass to see Sly and Dolph in a movie again!!! Hope Sly gets him.

Sly the man himself said so at the Transporter 3 premiere.


HHHHHhhhmmmmmmmm…. could “The Expendables” actually be Rambo 5?

So let me get this straight. Sly Stallone announced his next movie titled “The Expendables” which will be a PG-13 rated action flick. Sly is not going for the bloodfest this time around. He already signed Jason Statham and Jet Li for leading roles, and now Sly is after Forest Whitaker.

The plot for “Expendables” is a group of mercernaries to overthrow a Latin American dictator. That’s all the plot details were given so far. Stallone himself said he is playing the leading role and directing both but he was pretty tight lipped on what role Stallone was going to play.

Does that word “Expendable” sound familiar to you, folks?

Go back and watch the movie “Rambo: First Blood Part II” and there’s a line in the film where Rambo says, “I’m expendable”. Which is one of the most well known catchphrases of a Rambo film.

Yep, there you have it, everyone. “Expendables” is Rambo 5. Notice the plot synopsis to “Expendables” is very Rambo like too. Nice try on trying to surprise us Sly but if you know the Rambo movies well enough, then you wouldn’t find this a surprise. Sly didn’t say anything about who he is playing in “Expendables” yet ’cause he doesn’t want to reveal that he is playing Rambo once again this soon. Just watch as this project develops and you’ll see that I’m right. 🙂


Report: Stallone’s “Expendables” to be a world wide release…

Nu Image/Millenium will bring Stallone’s “Expendables” overseas so the film can be shown world wide, not just the U.S.A.  The film has been sold to the U.K., California Filmes for Brazil and Latin America, Odeon for Greece, and to Dutch Filmworks for the Benelux region.

Expect the film to be sold to many more countries in the world.

Variety Reports:


This is no surprise to me that “Expendables” would be a world wide release. While Sly Stallone is extremely popular in the USA, Sly is even bigger in other countries overseas as well. I think Sly is the most popular in Japan.

I wonder what the name of Sly’s character will be in “Expendables”. When Sly is writing his own scripts for his own movies, one thing he is good at is coming up with creative names for characters.

One thing to keep in mind though, that “Expendables” is NOT his first film that he has written, directed, and starred the leading role in outside of Rocky and Rambo. His first film that he starred, written, and directed outside of Rocky and Rambo was “Paradise Alley”. “Paradise Alley” a film about profesional wrestling made in 1978 a few years after the first “Rocky” was made.

Sly has written scripts for many of the movies he has starred in but didn’t direct. For example, Sly wrote the films “Cliffhanger”, “Driven”, “Over the Top” and “Cobra”, he wrote and starred in those films but didn’t direct them.

I’m happy Sly wants to direct a lot more. He is very talented at that. I’d love to see this man win an Oscar for Best Director if he picks the right film that will be Oscar worthy but it definitely won’t be “Expendables”, but maybe when Sly will ever get that movie about Edgar Allan Poe off the ground, he’ll have a chance at an Oscar then.


Report: Sylvester Stallone wants Forrest Whitaker for “Expendables”…

Sylvester Stallone has already signed Jason Statham and Jet Li for the new action movie “Expendables”, and now he is after the Oscar winning actor Forest Whitaker as a devious CIA agent who gets involved in their operation.

Stallone the man himself broke the news at the AFM.

The Hollywood Reporter reports:


Look like Sly is going for some big name stars in this new film.

Wouldn’t it be cool if Kurt Russell landed a role in “Expendables”? A Russell and Stallone reunion probably will never happen, but it be cool to see them do a movie again.


EDIT TO ADD: Did I just read correctly that Sly is aiming for a PG-13 rating and he said he is NOT going for a blood fest? Awwwwwww man, that kinda sucks! I was hoping he would go for the bloodfest. I guess Sly wants a younger audience now. That’s cool though. Even though it will be PG-13, it still will be a fun action movie. Sly knows everything about action flicks, so he won’t dissapoint this film.

Another thought on “Expendables”, Sly to revive the action genre?

Most of today’s action films have been pretty bad with most action films being full of CGI and being mostly a popcorn movie. Good action movies are slowly starting to make a comeback with Sly’s “Rambo 4”, Jason Bourne films and the new James Bond films with Daniel Craig are good examples of good new action movies. I think Sly is about ready to revive the action genre. Bring good action movies back.

I can definitely see “Expandables” to be even more violent and gory than Rambo 4. “Expandables” will be a serious action movie with non stop action all the way through. I can definitely see Jason Statham, Jet Li and even Stallone himself each getting into brutal fight scenes with the badguys. We all know Stallone, Statham and Jet Li will be playing the leading heros of the film, now Sly will have to start looking for the villains.

I think Sly should get Bruce Willis as the villain in this flick. Maybe even Arnold too. I’m just so happy that Sly is not backing down on action movies. He probably figured if he can still do Rambo, he can still do action. In the past, Sly used to complain about being too old getting into action films and looks like he changed his mind.

I hope Sly continues to write, direct and star in action films ’cause that’s what he’s best at. I’m pretty sure “Expendables” will be a box office smash. It definitely won’t be a box office bomb or a direct to DVD release with this film being released through Nu Image/Millenium. “Expendables” will be HUGE!

I will be keeping an eye on this new movie “Expendables” to see who Sly is going cast for the film and more insight on the plot on the film. Hopefully Sly will make this film about 2 hours or more, I don’t want it to be a short 90 minutes.  “Expendables” is a cool movie title too. I like it.


BREAKING NEWS: Sylvester Stallone to direct/star in “Expendables” action film, Jason Statham and Jet Li to also star…

Sylvester Stallone is set to star the leading role and direct an action film titled “Expendables”. This is one of the two film deals Sly made with Nu Image/Millenium from last year. Sly wrote the script for the film. Jason Statham has signed on to co-star alongside Sly and Jet Li is in final negotiations to star in the film as well.

The story to “Expendables” centers around a team of mercernaries on a mission to overthrow the South American dictator. Filming of “Expendables” will begin in February in Costa Rica and Louisiana.

Jason Statham is an action movie star who starred in such films as “The Transporter” trilogy, “The Bank Job”, “Crank”, and his latest movie “Death Race”.

Variety Reports:


FINALLY! WOOT! Glad Sly finally announced his next movie. I knew he had something up his sleeve.

I’m glad it’s not a sequel to one of his older movies or a remake, and happy Sly is doing something original next!

“Expendables” sounds great. Looking forward to it. CONGRATS SLY! 🙂