BREAKING NEWS: Sylvester Stallone to direct/star in “Expendables” action film, Jason Statham and Jet Li to also star…

Sylvester Stallone is set to star the leading role and direct an action film titled “Expendables”. This is one of the two film deals Sly made with Nu Image/Millenium from last year. Sly wrote the script for the film. Jason Statham has signed on to co-star alongside Sly and Jet Li is in final negotiations to star in the film as well.

The story to “Expendables” centers around a team of mercernaries on a mission to overthrow the South American dictator. Filming of “Expendables” will begin in February in Costa Rica and Louisiana.

Jason Statham is an action movie star who starred in such films as “The Transporter” trilogy, “The Bank Job”, “Crank”, and his latest movie “Death Race”.

Variety Reports:

FINALLY! WOOT! Glad Sly finally announced his next movie. I knew he had something up his sleeve.

I’m glad it’s not a sequel to one of his older movies or a remake, and happy Sly is doing something original next!

“Expendables” sounds great. Looking forward to it. CONGRATS SLY! 🙂


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