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Cool Video: Bikini clad woman wrecks Burger King restaurant…

This video is pretty funny stuff. A black woman in bikini wrecks the Burger King restaurant after not being happy with the staff behind the counter. Why did this woman get upset? They messed up her order? Didn’t have the burger she wanted? Not enough change back? This is what you should do if they mess up your order, teach the place a lesson (joking).


Report: A $200 dollar burger, wtf?

Last Wednesday, Burger King just launched the worlds most expensive fast food burger, costing $200, yes, you heard that right!!! $200!!!!! It’s a burger simply called “The Burger”. It is mixed with all kinds of ingredients. Why is the burger so expensive? They are doing it for charity. All proceeds bought from the burger will go to the Help A London Child charity which helps young children who are experience abuse, who are homeless, dissability, poverty and illness. The burger officially beats the world record of most expensive burger in history. This has never been done before in history of fast food restaurant’s as all burgers or value meals are very cheap and affordable.

FOXNews reports:


People are crazy if they bought that burger. Of course, rich and wealthy people will be able to afford it though.