This is what American malls in 1989 used to look like…

If you want a bit of a flashback well here’s a good one. I remember when I was a kid, probably around my teenage years… I remember malls used to be the coolest thing back in those days. Those were the days when Best Buy and FYE didn’t exist yet.

Those were the days when record stores used to be cool. Today we have FYE/Best Buy, back then we had either “Tape World” or “Record Town”. Those were days when arcades were really hot and arcades used to be full of people. Nobody cares for arcades at the malls anymore thanks to the Playstation and the Xbox systems.

Back then toy stores were really hot for kids, we used to have toy stores like Toys R Us and KB Toys at the malls in the earlier days.

I remember the malls used to have clothing stores for hippies like the Silver Mine but we don’t have those stores anymore. These days we have either Hot Topic or Spencer’s.

I remember in the old days we used to buy video games at Electronics Boutique: these days we have Best Buy, Gamestop or those buy new/used game trading stores in the malls.

Malls used to be great in the old days but they suck now. Shopping malls are no longer exciting to go to anymore like they used to. Yeah, I still go to the mall a lot these days but I only go for the movies for the most part. Another reason I still go to the malls a lot is ’cause I need to keep buying movies on Bluray, get new videogames that come out or buy music CD’s if I find good ones that I like.

Malls are crap these days. Nothing but clothing stores, mostly. Back then there was a wide variety of shopping but not today. Food courts back then used to be the coolest places you could eat but mall food courts suck now. I hate the food court at the Wilton Mall. Crossgates is just as bad.

I’ll admit that I’m a bit of a shopping addict but I don’t feel guilty at all for it. You can only live once. Get all the good stuff while you still can!


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