Local musicians who continue to ram liberal politics down our throats… just another reason this music scene sucks so much…

If you think famous musicians in the industry ramming their liberal politics down our throats is bad (like Springsteen, Madonna, Katy Perry, etc)… local musicians around the Capital District music scene can be just as bad with their politics. For the past 8 years under the Obama presidency, I have seen local musicians and promoters through social networking ramming their liberal politics down our throats all the time. Which is all really sad to see, in my opinion. I’ve always known that the Albany music scene has all kinds of problems and this is one of them. Most musicians around this area are very liberal people. Sadly, I’m not finding many musicians around with “right-wing” beliefs, there are some but not many. This is no surprise, of course because New York State has always been pretty blue. It makes me sick.

If there is one thing that is hurting this area’s music scene are local musicians ramming their left-wing politics down everyone’s throats constantly. These people really are brain dead and delusional. Yes, you will see that some of these musicians in this area actually wanted Hillary for president. Some musicians around this area weren’t afraid to publicly show their support for Hillary. Many of them also believe that Obama was a great president and they thought he did great things for the country. Many musicians around here stand with Planned Parenthood and even worse there was a certain venue which shall be nameless who held a Planned Parenthood benefit show just not too long ago and I’m like wtf? Just die-hard liberals who are brainwashed by the mainstream media.

All of this really sickens me ’cause there’s a lot of talented musicians around here who I used to admire and respect but not anymore. I’m not gonna name any names, of course but I will say that many of the area’s most-popular and well-known musicians are die-hard liberals that it’ll probably shock you. I’ve had many liberal musicians around this area who refused to support me or my music ’cause they believed my politics are “too right-wing”. Their refusal to support me got even worse after they’ve seen that I’m a Trump supporter. There’s a lot of musicians out there that are pretty liberal. If I was a liberal (I’m not a liberal but I’m saying “what if”), maybe I would be more accepting around here? haha…

Pretty much everybody are pretty liberal: not only local musicians, same goes for promoters and venues around here. Sickening. Really is! Makes you wonder why I no longer want to be a part of this music scene or support it much anymore. That’s okay, though, life is good for me and I just do my own thing musically. Why are a lot of musicians pretty liberal around here? Well I kind of blame this stuff on the Metroland (which was a very liberal paper and it’s no longer in business, good riddance btw)… maybe other local news media outlets are responsible too like WNYT or the Times Union (which is a big time liberal rag). Yeah, the local news media in this area promotes liberalism just as much as the mainstream media.

This post is probably gonna upset some of these liberal musicians around the scene but I don’t give a shit. They’re all probably Trump haters too so fuck ’em.

If they want to be more successful musically and if they want to be taken seriously, they need to stop talking their liberal politics ’cause nobody wants to listen to their shit anymore. Some of these musicians are very established too and it’s very sad to see them ramming their left-wing views down our throats. I don’t want to see that. These musicians who are liberal aren’t all that tolerant toward others whose views are different and this is what I’m trying to say in this post. It’s really pathetic. That’s fine if they don’t want to support me ’cause of my “right-wing” views ’cause I have plenty of supporters who do so I’m all good.

All I want to say to them is shut up and play the music. Not everyone sees the world the same way you do so get over yourselves.


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