Why Tomi Lahren is right on liberals losing the election… it’s because they’re the ones doing all the hating???

Love this tweet that was posted by Tomi Lahren (who is awesome, by the way). If you want to know why liberals lost the election this time is because of their behavior toward people. For the past 8 years under the Obama presidency, liberals really did treat people like shit. They mostly treated people with conservative views like a pile of garbage. I’ve gotten attacked by stupid liberals for the past 8 years. That is exactly why they lost the election this time is simply because the way they treat people. They want to accuse Trump and his supporters of “hate”? Well, they should look in the fucking mirror ’cause liberals are the ones doing the hating. Going around bashing conservatives & Republican voters because their views are different than theirs. That is called intolerance. Liberals lost the election ’cause we grew fed up with their hate, their negativity and their intolerance. Think about it right?

We would have had no problem with liberals if they were more tolerant toward others. Ya know, be more accepting of other peoples views and opinions but they never are. If your views and opinions are different than liberals, they’ll call you all kinds of names like racist, bigots or whatever else they can think of.

Why are the left so hateful toward conservatives in America? For starters you can blame the mainstream media for that. Also Barack Obama and Democrat politicians are to blame. They are the ones teaching them to be intolerant toward people who disagree with them. This is how Democrats stay in power and it’s how they think they can win elections by manipulating the American people. Well this isn’t the way Democrats stay in power and win elections ’cause they are losing power the more they treat people this way. Liberals will continue to lose elections for a pretty long time the more they keep it up. They will lose the 2020 election and they will lose 2024 too.

Liberals are a cancer to this country and we’re getting so fed up with them. It’s time to put an end to liberalism finally and unite this country. Liberals tried to take over the country and destroy it but it didn’t work out too well for them did it? I despise liberals and finally they are losing power which is long overdue. I don’t care what they have to say anymore and I just ignore them most of the time. When liberals attack me through facebook, twitter or this blog… I just delete their garbage and block/ignore them. They’re not worth debating against anymore ’cause talking to liberals is like talking to a brick wall.

I don’t buy into liberals “human rights” and “equality” and all that garbage ’cause since they talk about “loving” people and being more acceptance of others — they’re not doing that by hating on people who disagree with them like conservatives. It makes them hypocrites when they accuse others of hating when they’re the ones doing all the hating. Their hatred against conservatives and Trump supporters has gotten much worse too. Conservatives getting beat up at Trump rallies and all that stuff. The latest news of 4 blacks torturing a Trump supporter is also another example. That’s pretty much what Tomi is saying when she calls liberals the “loving left”. She’s being sarcastic as you can see.

We need to get rid of this “right vs. left” garbage and unite the country so hopefully Trump is successful at that when he gets in office soon.



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