Report: Reed Hastings speaks out on price raise of Netflix, also unveils Qwikster…

Reed Hastings, the head honcho of “Netflix” finally speaks out about the backlash of the price raise. He says the reason they did this because they are starting to realize that streaming and DVD are both becoming two different businesses. They needed to let both grow and market differently & separately. They feel the businesses need to evolve and improve.

He also unveils the Netflix DVD rental section will be re-named to, “Qwikster”. It will be the same site, you can still select all of your DVD’s and put ’em in your que’s, but different site name.

Reed also announced the surprising news, that Netflix will have a video game section in there. Soon you will be able to rent games from PS3, Xbox360, and Nintendo Wii which will be really cool.

Read, Reed Hastings, full explanation, here.

No matter what people think of Netflix’s decision, I’m still sticking with them. Yep, both streaming and DVD. The price raise is not that big of a deal. They are a business, they need to do what they need to do. Businesses change, shit happens. Have any of you out there ever owned a business? Yes, I’m sure you’ve had. All businesses want to change and evolve, the same with Netflix.

People need to relax over this.

I’m sticking with Netflix because there are a lot of TV shows on there I want to see that I have never seen before and that’s one of the reasons I joined Netflix to begin with. Plus, I like to watch movies on there too, of course. I joined their DVD rentals for the new releases.

I don’t really watch regular cable TV too much, but I’ll watch a lot of Netflix at night. The show I’m currently watching now is Kiefer Sutherland’s “24”. When I finish this show, I’m thinking of either checking out “Heroes” or “Sons of Anarchy”, not sure yet. Netflix is great, screw the haters.


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    1. I know I have supporters who are business owners like the people at Metroland for starters and there are local music venue owners around the area that follow my blog as well.


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