One final thought on this whole Chick Fil A debate…

One final thing that I would like to add along to the discussion, I decided to make a new post instead of editing in. There’s a new argument that came up in facebook, and the reason the gay community and “same sex” marriage supporters are upset about this, is not only because of Dan Cathy’s comments. It’s because some people are upset because Chick Fil A, donated money to anti gay organizations. Win Shape Foundation which is a partner of Chick Fil A, Win Shape donated $2 million to anti gay groups sometime in 2009/10.

I can understand why some would feel upset about that and why some people would boycott Chick Fil A because of the donation thing.

But if you think about it, there are plenty of people out there that are against same sex marriage. The world doesn’t revolve around same sex marriage supporters, and that’s what’s pissing me off. Those anti gay marriage organizations was made for people who are against same sex marriage. If you are against same sex marriage like myself, you can feel free to donate money to Chick Fil A and they’ll pass it along to those organizations. Not everybody supports “same sex” marriage. I’m sure there are also plenty of business owners whether a chain business or local business, some of them are probably against same sex marriage too. Not everyone have to support it or respect same sex marriage.  You have your own little group of supporting same sex marriage, we have our own little group of anti same sex marriage. Get the point? Good. I was gonna post that in my facebook page, but I didn’t want to keep the debate going ’cause people are going to keep disagreeing with me, the others are gonna think they’re right all the time. So I post it here instead.

Facebook has been exploding with Chick Fil A debates and rants all day. It’s overwhelming and giving me a headache. Now I’ll shut up about this.


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