Brock says no to Gabby Douglas winning the gold, Russia should have won…no joke…

I’m a proud American, but that doesn’t mean I have to support every American athlete winning the gold at the Olympics. I don’t have to support Michael Phelps because he is an American and I don’t have to support the Fab 5 because they are Americans. When Gabby Douglas, the teen gymnastics sensation was announced the winner of gold last night, I’ve noticed that her or the other four girls in the USA team, didn’t show any respect to Russia again last night. They acted like Russia didn’t exist. They left the Russian girls crying in tears like they didn’t have a care.

While it’s great the USA dominate the Olympics like we usually do, we need to show more respect to the other countries we compete against.

Sometimes the other countries can be talented athletes too, and I’ll admit that China is interesting to watch. Gotta be real about stuff, folks. While I support USA athletes it is interesting seeing unique and different talents from other countries too. I’m glad the Fab 5 are dominating the gymnastics, but they need to show more respect to other countries, and not loving themselves and their huge egos. Make the losing teams feel good about the loss and show respect. The Fab 5 girls didn’t do any of that. They have hatred toward Russia and you can see it too. If you don’t, then you’re blind and clueless.


3 thoughts on “Brock says no to Gabby Douglas winning the gold, Russia should have won…no joke…”

  1. Please give tangible examples where other squads, American or otherwise, “show respect” for their opponents losing.

    1. I don’t need to be specific. Everyone knows the US respects other countries, and there is no hatred at at all but with the Fab 5 is different. I’m not the only one that saw this ’cause a few people in facebook pointed this out too. I’m not alone. I’m just calling things as I see it. The Fab 5 were great but they need to leave their egos at the door, but of course, what do you expect when it comes to teenage girls?


      1. I’m not trying to be mean, hateful, racist or anything like that. It’s just really disappointing and sad, leaving Russia in an emotional wreck, when the USA team doesn’t seem to care. The 5 girls in the USA team did great, but those girls were just a little snobby.

        If we had full grown adults who are athletes, they wouldn’t act like that.


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