Cool Video: Zuffa/UFC officially buys Strikeforce…

Dana White announces the huge shocking news that his company, Zuffa, has officially purchased, “Strikeforce“. The fighting company that is shown only on the, Showtime, channel.

As soon as I heard that Dana has bought, Strikeforce, I thought to myself, “Is he going to get rid of the women’s division of Strikeforce?” Toward the end of this interview in this video, Dana was even asked if he’ll keep the women’s division for, Strikeforce. He said he will keep women’s fighting in “Strikeforce”, but he vows to keep women fighting out of UFC. Everyone knows he’s not a fan of women fighting, so he’s a good man for not getting rid of women’s fighting for Strikeforce. I never watched, Strikeforce, before since I don’t have Showtime. I’ve had seen some Strikeforce fights in youtube though.

Seems like Zuffa and Dana White wants to expand their empire. What are they after next? I have a feeling that Zuffa will buy, Bellator, soon. Wouldn’t surprise me and shouldn’t surprise you either.



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