Penthouse magazine will no linger print after 50 years of being on newsstands…

First Playboy magazine announced the shocking news that they will no longer print nude pictorials of their female models. Next, here comes Penthouse magazine with their major announcement that they will no longer print after 50 years of being on newsstands.

There’s a difference between Playboy and Penthouse magazine. Playboy was more softcore and Penthouse was more hardcore. Penthouse was originally founded by Bob Guccione who started the magazine to compete with Hefner’s “Playboy”. Later in the years though, Guccione resigned as CEO of Penthouse and then FriendFinder took over.

Penthouse announced that they will no longer print their magazine but instead they will do their stuff digitally for the internet.

What’s going on with the adult entertainment magazines? What’s with the sudden changes? Is it because of the economics and they can’t afford to do this stuff anymore? That could be a part of it. I think it’s because most guys and even some women look at their porn on the internet these days ’cause porn is more popular than men’s magazines now. That could be it right there.

I used to look at Penthouse magazine a lot when I was young, though. I’m pretty sure all guys did even though some will never admit it.

Now that Playboy is no longer doing nudes. Penthouse will no longer be in print. Where do guys go for their naked girl fix now? The internet probably. There’s all kinds of free and paying porn sites on the internet. I don’t look at porn on the internet and that’s no lie either. I’m worried about virus attacks and spyware and stuff. Screw porn. You don’t need that stuff when there are real women everywhere you go.


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