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Notice liberals have been using “Happy Holidays” to avoid saying, “Merry Christmas”??? Yep, the war on Christmas is real!!!


One thing I’ve noticed when it comes to Christmas this past week is liberals saying “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” when it comes to celebrating Christmas. Conservatives like to use “Merry Christmas” and liberals like to use “Happy Holidays”. Maybe Trump is onto to something about this when he says, “We will start saying ‘Merry Christmas’ again”. Crazy. Why is it that liberals have been avoiding, “Merry Christmas”? Well, I blame it on the fake news media for the most part. The fake news media tells liberals how to think and what to say. I don’t see many people using the famous phrase, “Merry Christmas” at all that much. Mostly Trump supporters and conservatives use it. It’s no secret that liberals are a bunch of “atheists”. They hate religion. They hate anything that has something to do with Santa Claus or Jesus Christ.

Just wait until Christmas Sunday comes… I’ll be using “Merry Christmas” all day. I’ll post the meme above to offend libtards in facebook. It might earn me a couple of blocking/deleting from libtards on FB but that’s okay. While Christmas this year is exciting, the best Christmas present I could ever ask for that actually happened is Trump becoming our next President. I would think most Americans who voted him feels the same.


Libtards have no right to tell conservatives not to be offended over things…

Libtards are out there saying things like, “Don’t be offended over a coffee cup. It’s just a coffee cup”. Um, yeah… coming from people who got offended easily over the Confederate Flag, that’s pretty funny. A flag is just a flag. Liberals get so offended over the littlest things where there is no reason for them at all to be offended over things like the Confederate Flag, McDonald’s toys and Barbie Dolls. Things like that. So I ask again what gives the right for liberals to tell conservatives not to be offended over certain things? Aren’t they the ones getting offended over everything?

On top of that, who cares about Starbucks anyways. I’m not a coffee drinker. Never have been but I can understand why some would get upset when they want to get rid of “Merry Christmas” on coffee cups. They just want chain businesses to get into the Christmas spirit and a red cup isn’t enough. That’s all they’re saying really.

I’m just saying that liberals are being hypocrites like they usually are. They have no right to tell conservatives not to be offended at things when they are the most easily offended people on the planet.


Sylvester Stallone meets “Heroes” star, Hayden Pannettiere

What did Sylvester Stallone do on his Christmas day? Yep, that’s right. Instead of spending his day with family, he spent most of it, watching the L.A. Lakers game at the Staples Center. Here heĀ is at the arena, chatting it up with “Heroes” star, Hayden Pannettiere. Hayden seems to be really into him ’cause notice how close she’s standing to him.

Wonder if Sly is asking her for a part in the next Rambo film? Hope Sly’s wife is cool with this.


Report: “Marley and Me” still tops box office weekend with 37 million…

The Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston movie, “Marley and Me” still tops the box office this Christmas weekend. “Marley and Me” made a whopping 37 million in total. Adam Sandler’s Disney flick “Bedtime Stories” quickly moved up to no. 2 with 28.1 million as expected. “Benjamin Button” sinks down to no. 3 with 27 million. “Valkyrie” moves up to no. 4 with 21. 5 million. “The Spirit” is still not getting any higher as it made only 6.5 million, poor Frank Miller.

The Associated Press reports:


This is good news for “Valkyrie” though, with that film only making 21.5 million, it’s still not bad and still considered a successful movie. If “Valkyrie” wasn’t released on Christmas with all them other movies, I’m sure “Valkyrie” would have made a lot more. Bryan Singer should have waited to release it in the Spring and it would gaurunteed be a smash hit. “Valkyrie” had so many push backs on the release date that I guess they had no choice but to release it on Christmas Day.