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Report: “Marley and Me” still tops box office weekend with 37 million…

The Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston movie, “Marley and Me” still tops the box office this Christmas weekend. “Marley and Me” made a whopping 37 million in total. Adam Sandler’s Disney flick “Bedtime Stories” quickly moved up to no. 2 with 28.1 million as expected. “Benjamin Button” sinks down to no. 3 with 27 million. “Valkyrie” moves up to no. 4 with 21. 5 million. “The Spirit” is still not getting any higher as it made only 6.5 million, poor Frank Miller.

The Associated Press reports:


This is good news for “Valkyrie” though, with that film only making 21.5 million, it’s still not bad and still considered a successful movie. If “Valkyrie” wasn’t released on Christmas with all them other movies, I’m sure “Valkyrie” would have made a lot more. Bryan Singer should have waited to release it in the Spring and it would gaurunteed be a smash hit. “Valkyrie” had so many push backs on the release date that I guess they had no choice but to release it on Christmas Day.


Report: Lessons be learned when going to the movies, don’t talk or you’ll get shot…

Do you go see a movie you’re anticpiated to see and then you get distracted by other people talking? I know I do. I get distracted by other people talking in the theater all the time and it does piss me off. When I can’t take it anymore, I’ll either yell out “Quiet down, I’m trying to hear this” or if people are talking in front of me, I’ll tap him/her on the shoulder and ask them to quiet it down.

But maybe a weapon is a good idea the next time, heh heh, just kidding.

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