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Bob Dylan’s speech at MusicCares really was powerful, inspiring and moving… thanks Bob!!!

I was never that big of a Bob Dylan fan over the years but I guess I am now. Bob Dylan’s half hour speech at MusiCares is not in youtube yet… couldn’t find the video online anywhere so I read the transcript.

Read it here…


My favorite part is when Bob lashed out at his critics and haters about his singing and songwriting, Bob said…

“Oh, yeah. Critics have been giving me a hard time since Day One. Critics say I can’t sing. I croak. Sound like a frog. Why don’t critics say that same thing about Tom Waits? Critics say my voice is shot. That I have no voice. What don’t they say those things about Leonard Cohen? Why do I get special treatment? Critics say I can’t carry a tune and I talk my way through a song. Really? I’ve never heard that said about Lou Reed. Why does he get to go scot-free?
What have I done to deserve this special attention? No vocal range? When’s the last time you heard Dr. John? Why don’t you say that about him? Slur my words, got no diction. Have you people ever listened to Charley Patton or Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters. Talk about slurred words and no diction. [Inaudible] doesn’t even matter.” – Bob Dylan


I’m feeling him though ’cause I’m in the same boat as him. People gave me shit about my singing, songwriting and talent since day 1 as well. Seriously, people around the music scene online and off gave me a lot of shit but I never cared. I just played music and continued to play ’cause that’s what I do. It’s what I live for.

People always had this debate on whether I was a professional musician or a “hobbyist” but my thought is who cares? If music is what you love to do then go for it, ya know? You don’t have to be the best singer in the world and don’t have to be great at your instrument to do what you love to do. If you can’t sing, who cares.. just go for it. Singers like Neil Young and Billy Corgan weren’t the best vocalists either but they sing anyway ’cause they love it.

People have said lot of nasty things about my singing over the years… talking about having a speech impediment and all that crap. Who cares? Everybody else doesn’t sing all that perfect either. Other peoples speech is a lot worse than my own and they don’t get flak for it.

You don’t have to be a good singer to write songs and make music. As long as the music says something and has heart, that’s all that matters, ya know?

Over the years, I’ve struggled to get recognized as a songwriter. There are local music websites around this area that refused to promote me when I submitted my music to them for a possible shout-out or a small review but got nothing. I usually get mocked, bullied and get made fun of by other musicians around the area and all that rotten garbage. All the cliques did their best and tried to make me feel left out.

So yeah, I’m in the same boat as Dylan. How did I get all of this special attention as well?

You never saw me get on the cover of the Metroland or get a review on Nippertown but that’s okay.

I’m happy what I’m doing is writing songs and making music… that’s all that matters. This music scene likes to make me feel like I’m nothing but that’s okay, let ’em, ya know? I’m a musician like everyone else and no different than them.

Bob Dylan got so much negativity over the years and I can’t blame him for ranting like this. He just wanted to rant and get it off of his system and this was his opportunity. Why was the speech a half-hour? Because he’s fucking Bob Dylan! He’s a legend, he can talk as long as he wants! Rock on, Bob, and thanks! \m/


Happy 73rd, Bob Dylan!!!

I was never that big of a Bob Dylan fan but I do respect him as a legend and all that. I never bought his records too much. The only albums I own of his is a greatest hits album and that Christmas album he did. That was about it.

Even though I’m not much of a fan, I do find it amazing that he’s still doing his thing musically especially at 73. Age is not stopping him. Bob Dylan still releases records on a regular basis and he still tours pretty heavily too. He’s got a new album out this year and he’s got a big tour in support of it.

This man will be releasing records and touring ’til he’s dead, trust me on that.

Happy birthday, Bob!



Are you a struggling musician? You should learn from Bob Dylan’s career!!!

I went out Christmas shopping today and at Barnes & Noble… I was looking at the new Caffe Lena book. A history book about the legendary venue in Saratoga Springs. The American rock/folk icon, Bob Dylan played there before his fame…. back when he was unsigned. In Dylan’s earlier years, he was a struggling musician like the rest of us. I’ve read the Bob Dylan section in the book ’cause I wanted to know more about his story performing at Caffe Lena.

In his past, Bob was trying to get gigs all over the Upstate, New York area but nobody would book him at all. He tried to get a gig at Caffe Lena back when Lena Spencer was owner but even she didn’t want him at first. Probably because everybody thought Bob Dylan sucked back then and people had a hard time trying to take his music seriously. Another folk musician by the name of Dave Van Ronk heard that Dylan was trying to get a gig there and Dave happened to be a fan. Dave Van Ronk begged Lena to book Dylan at the venue and she did. After Dylan performed there, she ended up loving him. Lena booked Dylan more and they even became friends back in the day. There are a few photos of Bob Dylan and Lena Spencer hanging out at the venue.

It’s a really special book but it costs $50.00. I would buy it sometime down the road… not right now.

Back to Bob Dylan, he struggled like most of us. It wasn’t easy for Dylan to become big and successful. Look at him now. He’s an American icon and legend!

You see, if you’re a struggling musician and not many people like your music — keep going with the music. You’ll never know where you’ll end up. Just because people ignore your music doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a failure. Don’t give up and keep trying. Dylan never gave it up and he’s STILL doing his thing to this day. To those out there who think is a failure at music… don’t feel that way about yourself. Never.

All famous musicians and bands start off struggling at first. Sometimes it takes years to get big. Getting big and successful certainly doesn’t happen over night.

Just keep writing the songs and getting them out there before you know it… everyone will like your music and support you. You can never tell whether or not people like your music. Just put it out there and see what happens.

I thought reading about Bob Dylan at Caffe Lena was a pretty interesting read. He really fought hard to get where he is now. If he can do it… so can anybody! Even though I’m not that much of a Bob Dylan fan, he just got me a little more respect after reading that little piece. Bob’s past being a struggling artist kind of reminds me of myself.


Report: Bob Dylan is honored by the President with Medal of Freedom and it’s about time too!

While I’m no fan of President Barack Obama, I’ll give him respect for this one time. He did a good thing honoring Bob Dylan. Whether you’re a fan of Bob Dylan or not, he deserves this. Bob Dylan, did change American history with his music. Bob did so much over the years. Bob is still going in music to this day. He is still releasing records and touring. Still doing his thing at 71 years old.

When will Springsteen and Neil Young ever get honored by the President? I’m sure they’ll get their chance ’cause they contributed a lot in American history too and made a difference. Neil Young maybe a Canadian but he did so much in the US.

Congrats to Bob and well deserved. Bob looks emotional in the pic from this article. He does look sad and happy at the same time. I’m pretty sure Bob didn’t think he would ever get something like that, he just did his thing over the years, make music and write songs.


Report: Joni Mitchell thinks Bob Dylan is a fake…

Joni Mitchell, legendary folk singer, had a new interview with the L.A. Times. She spoke her thoughts on Bob Dylan. She claims that Bob Dylan is a fake. She thinks his music ripped off other artists. She also accuses him of plagiarism.

More on it here:


Well that’s kind of weird. Considering that Joni Mitchell have performed with him many times as you see in the picture above. I bet she also covered many of his songs. Since she seems such a huge fan of Bob Dylan, why would she say this now after all these years?

Who knows. Maybe Bob Dylan himself will actually agree with her. Dylan is a pretty weird guy in interviews and has a weird sense of humor. I’m not much of a Bob Dylan fan ’cause his folk music always reminded me of Woody Guthrie and Hank Williams Sr. Maybe those are the artists she’s referring to where Dylan stole his ideas from.

It may be harsh, but I think she’s right on the money. Bob Dylan is overrated.


Report: Police officers ask Bob Dylan for ID and they didn’t even know who he was…LOL!!!

Bob Dylan, was in Long Branch, New Jersey, as part of the Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp tour which he is set to play a show at a baseball stadium in Lakewood. Before the gig, Dylan was out for a stroll in Long Branch town to kill some time for something to do.

A young female police officer asked Dylan some ID, but the American folk rock legend didn’t have any ID on him. The police treated him like if he was an unknown person like he was a bum or something.

Dylan explained to the police that he was on tour, still the police didn’t know who “BOB DYLAN” was. Crazy, right? Dylan was very nice to the police and cooperated with them 100%.

The Associated Press reports:


Hilarious! Ha!

How can anybody not know who Bob Dylan is?

They didn’t realize they were talking to an American legend and icon in person!

Now they know!


Report: Even Bob Dylan doesn’t like the Rolling Stones anymore…

Hmmmm… how do you like this? Bob Dylan, one of the biggest singer/songwriters in the world, big legend who is still playing music today, trashing the Rolling Stones? Dylan says the Stones hasn’t been good since Bill Wyman left the band, who is the Stones former bassist.

More on it here:


There, take that Stones fans!


BREAKING NEWS: Bob Dylan coming to Saratoga Springs, N.Y. for concert…

Legendary Bob Dylan just unveiled his summer tour, and in it got Saratoga Springs, N.Y. listed. Bob Dylan, an American hero coming to a small town like Saratoga Springs? Yep, you heard that right, Dylan is coming to the Saratoga Performing Arts Center August 17th  on a Sunday.  It will be part of an all day music festival,  Dylan hits the stage at 2 p.m. in the afternoon. Bob Dylan a legendary folk singer and poet who changed the world with iconic songs that people never forget, coming to our hometown at a small stage like SPAC. Get ready to memorize the lyrics to “Like a Rollingstone” and “Blowing in the Wind” so you can sing along!!!

Tickets go on sale June 21st at 10:00 a.m.

Click here for more information:


It’s pretty sweet he’s coming here instead of the Times Union Center!!!! We get to see the man a little closer at SPAC since the place is pretty small.

I’m sure Dylan is familiar with Saratoga Springs, he used to play here at small coffeehouses long ago when he was just starting out in his career, Caffe Lena was one of the venues he started out when Lena Spencer was alive.