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FACT CHECK: Obama would NOT BE considered natural US born if he was discovered to be born in Kenya…

KaptainHowdy said:

And you are still ignoring one key detail that I posted above:

And even if Obama was born in Kenya, he is STILL a natural born US citizen by virtue of the fact that his mother was a US citizen. The Constitution does not define what natural born means, but US Code (* U.S.C.`Status by parentage), backed by the Supreme Court does:

If one parent is a U.S. citizen and the other parent is not, the child is a citizen if

the U.S. citizen parent has been “physically present” in the U.S. before the child’s birth for a total period of at least five years, and
at least two of those five years were after the U.S. citizen parent’s fourteenth birthday

That is the United States law regarding children born abroad that defines what “natural born” is.

So as I have stated multiple times already, and you have ignored multiple times already, Obama, as defined bu US Law, is indeed a natural born citizen, even if he was born in Kenya.

I would say KaptainHowdy is wrong on everything. I don’t think he gets his facts straight like he thinks he does.

Here’s how…….

What year was Barack Obama born in? That would be 1961. So considering that Ann Dunham was born in the US and Barack’s father was born in Kenya, this law would fall under, 4-3, “Birth Out of Wedlock to American Mother“. So since Barack was born in 1961, the law says, “A child born abroad out of wedlock on or after December 24, 1952, to a U.S. citizen mother acquires U.S. citizenship if the mother was physically present continuously for 1 year in the United States or its outlying possessions at any time prior to the child’s birth. This did not change under any of the amendments to Section 309 INA.” This stops at November 14, 1986.

So since the law says that a US Citizen parent must be physically present before the child’s birth for a total period of at least 5 years. Think about this for at least 5 minutes. Think, think, think. On August 4th, 1961, was the birth of our President. Ann Dunham was only 18 years old at the time. Hawaii, was made a new state on August 21st, 1959. Do the math people! Ann Dunham was only US Citizen for 2 years prior to Barack’s birth. So guess what? That’s right. Obama does NOT count as natural born US citizen, he’s out! She fails to reach 5 years prior to Barack’s birth. That automatically makes Obama NOT natural born.

While Obama is indeed, a legally US citizen, he wasn’t natural born.

Read this article, fully explaining in better detail than I can, on how Obama is not natural born if it was found that he was born in Kenya. Check it out, here.

On top of all this, an immigrant being President is unconstitutional, straight from the Constitution Article II:

“No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”

You guys see why this needs to be looked into and be investigated? If Obama turns out to be Kenyan born and if he was Indonesian citizen, he’s breaking the law. He’ll need to be impeached and be charged with treason. If he’s discovered to be an immigrant, it’s going to kick him in the ass hard. This is why it’s a good idea to offer Barack a lot of money so he can feel good doing it and he won’t feel like he’s doing this for nothing. He could sacrifice himself just to do good service for America, by supporting charity.

If he turns out to be Kenyan born, then he just disrespected and lied to America altogether. He can’t get away with this guys. This is not right for America and something needs to be done about this before he’s re-elected. That’s why it’s a perfect time for Donald to do this announcement, a week before the election.


What if Obama really was Kenyan born???

Tons of people on facebook and everywhere else, wants to believe that Obama was US born. Well, that’s what Obama wants you to believe. The reason a lot of people still believe that he is really US born ’cause they believe what they saw on Obama’s long form birth certificate, after he revealed it last year. People online already making predictions that Obama will not respond to Donald’s request. They also think Obama has nothing to prove.

The question is, what if, I’m not saying he is, but what if he really was Kenyan born? Maybe he really is an African natural? What if he admits to it before Wednesday? What’s gonna happen? Here’s what I think is gonna happen…

1) All the people who believed he was US born will feel disappointed, and dumbfounded.
2) Barack will lose a lot of respect from people, especially from the voters and other politicians who endorsed him.
3) This is going to give Obama an immediate impeachment, and possibly be charged with treason.
4) This will make Romney win, no matter what.

This needs to be looked into, why can’t you all understand that? You can’t just have a possible immigrant being president, serving another 4 years, and you can’t go thinking that’s okay to do. It’s not. Too many people are misinformed about, all of this. An alien from another country as president is unconstitutional, why can’t people understand that? I notice that the Obama supporters are going nuts over this ’cause they hate hearing the truth that he maybe, an immigrant.

Nobody’s saying he’s definitely an immigrant, we’re just questioning him.

All presidents and other candidates from the past have released their college transcripts and passports public, however, Barack has never done this yet. So you ask, people have been onto Barack about this for years, move on and leave him alone? True, we should move on, but the reason people are still busting on him ’cause he hasn’t really given any real proof yet. If Barack O’ can really prove that he was born in the US, then we would move on and leave him alone. If he really is a Kenyan, then uh oh, not so good.

I don’t mean to talk about this so much ’cause this stuff has been all over the web all day, thanks to the Donald. I agree with what Donald is doing, and I predict that Barack O’, will take upon his request. It’s not that hard to do. I don’t see why he wouldn’t. My last post about this for now. I’ll get back to talking about the entertainment industry, next post.


Edit to add: Fixed a few writing mistakes in this post. All good now.

The Donald’s announcement on Obama wasn’t a big waste of time, we really need to know about his past…

A lot of people are saying that the Donald’s announcement was a big waste of time. In my eyes, it is not. We really need to know whether or not President Obama really was born in the U.S. During Donald Trump’s announcement in that video and his press release, he never said anything about Obama not being born in the US. The Donald didn’t accuse Obama of anything, this time. Watch it again, he never said anything like, “I’m pretty sure Obama wasn’t born here”. All it was, it was just a simple request, his college documents and passport information. The Donald wants Obama to release that stuff publicly. I mean, when you’re president, each president needs to prove that they are really US born and pretty much all of them from the past did. Obama refuses to show these things. Yes, he showed his long term birth certificate, but you can’t really trust it. We need more information.

The Donald, is just like the rest of us. He cares for the American people and loves this country. He just wants the truth, whether or not Obama was actually born here. How wrong would it be that an actual immigrant is President for a full 8 year term? That would be disrespectful to the Constitution. It would be wrong and not good for America. People think Donald is just an attention whore, but in my eyes, he is not. He wants what’s best for the American people, and he feels we don’t need to deal with Obama’s lies and his untrustworthy behavior. Just like he said in the announcement, we don’t really know much about Obama’s life, even though we think we do. It would do a good service for this country, if Obama would do as the Donald, requested.

Again, Obama, may have shown his long term birth certificate, I believe The Donald just wants verification if it was legit. Just to make sure. If those other documents proves that Obama was really Kenyan born, then Obama would be screwed hard. In The Donald’s announcement, he never said anything hateful or mean to him this time. It was just a friendly request, that’s all. If it turns out that Obama really was American born, then I’m sure the Donald and the American people would understand and move on from this. If Obama is an immigrant serving a full 8 year term as President, it would do nothing but inspire other immigrant candidates to do the same thing. Hide your personal information just so you can run. That’s why this needs to get stopped, before others think it’s okay to do.

If people really believe that Obama is US born, then they’re really delusional and need a reality check. Again, I can’t wait to see what happens. What will come out of this, if Obama will do it or not. If Obama refuses, I don’t see the Donald suing him, honestly. The Donald will just keep pressuring Obama about it, by offering him even bigger deals. The Donald is not gonna stop until the truth about Obama comes out, whether he is American born or not.

We deserve to know the truth, folks. That’s what it’s all about. The truth is bound to come out at some point. Obama will not be able to hide his personal information forever.


Why the Donald is doing a good thing, I’m totally siding with him…

President Barack Obama needs to be investigated. He needs to be looked at for a lot of reasons. Simply because immigrants as Presidents is not constitutional. People from outside of this country is not allowed to run for President or to be President. It is really simple to cover up and protect yourself, make it look like you’re U.S. born, when you’re not. It is easy to fake your U.S. Citizenship and it is easy to fake your birth certificate. The Donald made it clear, that Barack has a lot of money to do all that stuff to make you look a natural born U.S Citizen. Even if Barack’s long term birth certificate maybe real and legit, there are still other documents to look up about your past. That’s why the Donald wanted Barack to bring up college applications/documents and passport info, ’cause Barack being Kenyan born could be proved in those documents. Presidents from the past, has released college documents and passports, Obama wouldn’t for some reason. So he definitely has something to hide.

So people would ask, if The Donald wants to know this stuff so bad, why don’t he do it a long time ago around Barack’s first election? Well, if you get your facts straight, other politicians tried to get on Obama about this birther stuff for years. Check it out.

People are also saying that Mitt Romney has a Mexican born father, so why aren’t people after him? People aren’t after him ’cause maybe Mitt proved that he is US born, so he has nothing to do with this at all. People just have this feeling that Obama could be a natural African (not American), because of how he looks and the way his accent is. I believe that’s part of what made people a bit suspicious that he could be born from out of country.

Bringing Obama down because of an immigrant as President is a good idea ’cause it’s right for America and the Constitution. This is not about Donald. This is not about trying to help Mitt win. It’s about what’s right for, America. Obama needs to be exposed, ’cause what if he’s re-elected and illegally, he’s President for another 4 years? This is why it’s a good time to try and get Obama impeached before this election if he is proved to be born from Kenya. If Obama releases those documents, and if it proves that he is Kenyan born, it’s gonna get him impeached for sure. That’s the point of this. This is what Donald wants.

It’s possible that Obama was actually born from Kenya and was sent to the USA when he was a little baby. Of course, all the Obama supporters, are like, “Donald should back off and get a life” and blah blah blah blah. They just hate hearing that it’s a possibility that Obama wasn’t US born. Those Obama supporters will stay on his side, no matter what. I can’t wait to see how the Obama supporters will feel, if Obama was proven to be born from Kenya. What will they think, then?

If Obama releases those documents and if he can prove that was US citizen, after all, then that’s cool. I’ll understand and get over it, but it’s pretty likely that he wasn’t US born. Not a lot of people know about Obama’s personal and family life ’cause they chose not to release much to the public. You can’t believe what is said in his wikipeida and those biographies on TV about Obama. Obama is a liar. You can’t trust the guy. All those Obama supporters, need to wake up and get a reality check.

If Obama doesn’t release the requested documents at all, what will the Donald do? It’s possible, he might threaten to sue. This is a really tough decision for Barack Obama. If those documents show that he was Kenyan born, his presidency maybe in danger, possible impeachment as well. So the Donald offered him $5 million charity money, as a way to make him feel good doing it. It’s a risky decision for Obama, and he’s probably going out of his mind right now, going crazy. Will Obama sacrifice himself, reveal the documents and admit that he’s Kenyan born?

It’s not right for someone out of country being president, and the Donald wants it to get stopped since no one else is doing it. Something needs to be done fast before the upcoming election in a few weeks. This is why it’s a good time to do this now. It’ll be interesting to see what Obama will do.


Donald Trump to reveal a huge bombshell on President Obama today…

The Donald has been hyping all week on TV, that he’s going to reveal something big about President Obama. The Donald, won’t say whether the Bombshell will be good or bad, but I have a feeling it’s going to be bad, of course. It might destroy Obama pretty hard. There’s already a lot of speculation and predictions by the public, and Trump said on his twitter, they’re all wrong. So it can be anything! The Donald, is just trying to help Obama lose voters and help Mitt win. I’ll be keeping an eye on the announcement, and I will post it as soon as possible. I have a feeling it’s not going to be so nice. The announcement will be revealed in a few hours, at Noon eastern time, since the Donald currently lives in NYC. I can’t wait for it! Gonna be good!


Report: Bob Dylan is honored by the President with Medal of Freedom and it’s about time too!

While I’m no fan of President Barack Obama, I’ll give him respect for this one time. He did a good thing honoring Bob Dylan. Whether you’re a fan of Bob Dylan or not, he deserves this. Bob Dylan, did change American history with his music. Bob did so much over the years. Bob is still going in music to this day. He is still releasing records and touring. Still doing his thing at 71 years old.

When will Springsteen and Neil Young ever get honored by the President? I’m sure they’ll get their chance ’cause they contributed a lot in American history too and made a difference. Neil Young maybe a Canadian but he did so much in the US.

Congrats to Bob and well deserved. Bob looks emotional in the pic from this article. He does look sad and happy at the same time. I’m pretty sure Bob didn’t think he would ever get something like that, he just did his thing over the years, make music and write songs.


Why Obama needs to go….

So you see Republicans going after Obama. Guys in the election and other people who has no part in the election like Sarah Palin, and Ted Nugent continue to attack Obama. Why are these guys trying to go after him? Why are the Republicans desperately trying to get him defeated? Why do people think he’s a horrible president?

I never liked Barack Obama ever since he started running for the last election. I was rooting for McCain/Palin, I remember.

Here are 10 reasons why Obama is not qualified to be president and why he should be out of office:

  • Obamacare is Unconstitutional – This is pretty much the big one, why a lot of people are going after him. Rick Santorum was the first to bring this to people’s attention and now it’s being looked at in Supreme court. Why is it unconstitutional? Because citizens must purchase it. They force you to pay a lot of money for it and Americans believe it shouldn’t happen.
  • Obama is anti-second amendment – He wants to make the gun rights more strict. There is a lot of talk that he wants to get rid of the rights.
  • Obama’s done nothing to save the economy – He promised change and more money for the United States. Where is it? He’s done nothing but make the economy much much worse than before.
  • Obama constantly raises gas prices – How is this helping the economy?
  • Obama is a liar  – He has lied about way too many things over the years. Especially all this nonsense on Bin Laden. Remember in 2009, when he made it clear that it was no longer necessary to kill, Bin Laden? What’s with the flip flopping?
  • Obama does nothing about Iran – Iran is a dangerous threat with possible nuclear weapons, but Obama won’t do anything to launch a strike on Iran when people’s been begging him to for a long time now. Yet, he thinks Israel is a danger to the US. What’s wrong with that picture?
  • Obama spends way too much money – George W. Bush was a big money spender, Obama spends even more. How is this helping the economy?
  • Obama promised to get people more jobs, but rejects the Keystone Pipeline – The pipeline would have been a good opportunity for jobs and better things, but Obama doesn’t want it.
  • Obama’s past connection with terrorists – He has been long associated with Bill Ayers, who is responsible for bombings during the 1960’s and 70’s, in response to involvement in the Vietnam War. Does this mean that Obama himself, is a terrorist too?
  • Obama may not be an actual U.S. Citizen – Donald Trump was the first to bring this up and he demanded Barack to release his long term birth certificate for the world to see, which Barack actually did. The certificate showed that he was born from Hawaii but it could be a fake?

There are plenty more reasons why he is such a bad president. I hope he won’t get re-elected. I was hoping Rick Santorum would keep going for the election but I understand him for giving it up because of his sick daughter.

If I were to vote for someone else now, it may as well be either Mitt Romney or Ron Paul. I don’t care for either of those guys, but anything to get Obama out of office!


In defense of Ted Nugent… he meant no harm…

I’m sure most everyone on the internet are going, “Oh no, Ted Nugent is such an evil and hateful person, he should be in jail for threatening, President Obama”. Boo Hooo… That’s what people in facebook are acting like now. I posted something about that. About me siding with Nugent, like usual people call me crazy and insane just for stating an honest opinion.

This Nuge vs. Obama thing gets mixed opinion. You’re either siding with the Nuge or not. Some people support Ted Nugent, and some people don’t.

Usually, when people hate on Ted Nugent or a Republican’s political views, those people are most likely Democrats or Obama supporters. Obama supporters will defend the President no matter what is said about them and there are a lot of Obama supporters in my facebook.

I don’t like President Obama like some other people. I think the Republicans are doing a great job exposing him, on how bad of a president he is.

I don’t take what Nuge said seriously. I think the point he was trying to make was that he wouldn’t want to be living in this society if Obama was re-elected, that’s what he meant by, “I would either be dead or be in jail”. He didn’t exactly say that he was going to go out and assassinate him. Plus, it was his way of trying to get more people to support Mitt Romney. He was actually defending Mitt Romney. He was trying to turn off Obama supporters to get them to vote for Romney instead.

So he did whatever it took to get his point at people. There was a reason he spoke in that tone. If he said it in a more positive and kind manner, then his goal that he was trying to achieve failed. Remember what I said in a previous post before? Do whatever it takes to be successful at something even if it meant to be an asshole? That’s what Nuge is doing. He’s trying to help Romney get more voters, so he went after Obama.

He meant no harm. He wasn’t threatening. Secret Service won’t even do anything, and he won’t get arrested. Why? 1st Amendment, that’s why.

The only way for him to get arrested is that there must be enough evidence to see if he’s actually going to do it, assassinate the president. That’s why the Secret Service, wanted to question him. They’ll find him innocent, believe me.

I don’t think he’s going to retract his words, and I think he’s going to stand by the things he said. I wish people would learn to not take these guys seriously. Even if their thoughts are a little crazy, sure, they have the right to speak what they want.

I’ll write a blog saying why I don’t like Obama soon, maybe this weekend.


R.I.H. (Rot In Hell): Osama Bin Laden 1957 – 2011

This is the greatest news ever!!! Bin Laden is dead! Rest in Peace??? NO!!! FUCKING ROT IN HELL, YOU PIECE OF SHIT!

While this is really good news, this still doesn’t mean the end of terrorist attacks and the war in Afghanistan like they said.

The American who killed Bin Laden deserves a huge award for this. I think the American who killed Bin Laden will be honored by the President soon. This is history making.

I wonder what they’re gonna do with Bin Laden’s body now. He shouldn’t have a funeral. He shouldn’t even be buried or cremated.

This is incredible news that came out of no where today. I was watching “Celebrity Apprentice” and this came on. Americans are doing a good job taking down evil. First they get Saddham Hussein, and now Bin Laden! Next they have to take care of the rest of the Al Qeada terrorist group. Then the war will be over after that, I hope?


Thought: Why “The Donald” is doing the right thing to President Barack Obama…

Everyone is wondering why Donald Trump have been getting on Barack Obama in the media lately. Bashing him and trying to expose his US citizenship. All that stuff. I’m pretty sure, The Donald, is accused of being jealous and an ego-maniac. I don’t think he’s jealous, but an ego-maniac, yes. The Donald needs to be an ego-maniac if he wants to run for president. Ego is what politics is all about. All those elections from the past, the past president hopefuls such as John McCain, Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, etc. They all had huge egos, but none of their egos were as powerful as Donald Trump. Donald Trump maybe heated and he maybe harsh, yes, but this is what he needs to do, if he wants to make it.

This is just his way of trying to get people to know that he’s serious about running. Plus, it’s his way of trying to turn off Obama’s voters so they wouldn’t vote for him again in 2012. The Donald may have a temper tantrum, but he’s always been this way. It’s how rich people are. In reality, I think Donald is a good guy and he can be a professional when he wants to be, but the President Election, he must act like a temper tantrum ego-maniac.

If the Donald actually makes the election, I can’t wait until the days when Barack Obama and the Donald goes face to face in a debate. Oh man, imagine how entertaining this debate would be. The Donald and Barack haven’t met each other in person yet, but they will soon when they get the election going. Does the Donald actually respect Barack? Possibly. It could be possible that Donald actually likes Barack Obama and this could be an act to help hype up Donald’s possible election.

What the Donald is doing is great, I love it. The Donald is a pretty powerful figure, and I truly believe he will make the Election. He’s also been accused of having no political experience, but if you knew Donald’s history, he’s dealt with politics for years. He may have never been a mayor, governor or a senator, but he is pretty smart about politics. Where do you think the Donald get his billions of dollars from? Because he knows politics and knows about money more than anybody.

If the Donald is in the election for 2012, who will be his vice president running mate? It’s going to be interesting who he is planning to pick.

And for the record, The Donald is not a racist. He’s worked with plenty of black people on his “Apprentice” shows on TV, so I don’t see how he could be a racist just because he tried to expose Barack’s citizenship. Hillary tried to do that too, so that makes her a racist as well?