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Can’t blame the Trump family for spending Thanksgiving at Mar-a-Lago… good on them!!!

After a tough election which Trump was victorious, I can’t blame Donald Trump for taking Melania and Barron to his Florida mansion in which he calls the Mar-a-Lago for Thanksgiving. The Mar-a-Lago is his home away from home. His main home is Trump Tower obviously.

He wants some private time for the Holidays before the big job in January. So Trump may as well have all his fun for Thanksgiving and on Christmas Day before the big White House job.

I’m feeling he’s going to be away from Trump Tower and the Mar-a-Lago for a pretty long time so he may as well enjoy himself while it lasts ’cause he’s not gonna see this for a long time. Trump will spend a lot of time in the White House.



Top Ten Reasons Why Donald Trump is so popular & kickin’ ass in the polls lately!

A lot of libtards are very confused on why Donald Trump is getting so popular. Getting jealous much? Well… I can think of 10 reasons why The Donald is kickin’ ass in the election

Here they are:

  1. Trump is the real deal:  We’ve had to put up 8 years of a fraudulent and fake president who is Barack Obama. The Obama presidency was so ridiculously fake, it can’t be that hard to see. The Obama presidency was created, YES, created. Created by the likes of Bill Ayers, Saul Alinsky, Frank Marshall Davis, Jeremiah Wright… also the Kenyan gov. and the U.S. Congress created Obama. He was created ’cause the government was desperate for a liberal black president and they all won. We’ve had enough of the fake shit which is why we’re all supporting Trump ’cause he’s real.
  2. Trump tells the truth and doesn’t give a shit if people don’t like it: We need more people like this. People who are honest and tells things like it is. All most people do in government today is lie their heads off most of the time. Not the Donald. I haven’t seen the Donald tell one lie at all which is amazing. That’s one reason why many are supporting him. We want an honest president for once and the Donald will be that man.
  3. The Donald doesn’t use teleprompters, handlers or personal assistants: The Donald is his own man. He doesn’t need anybody’s help at all. He doesn’t need anyone telling what to say and all that stuff. The man says what he wants at the top of his head and doesn’t read off of anything. That’s the kind of leader we need to have for once.
  4. The Donald wants to make America Great Again: It seems to be that liberals love politicians who wants to bring America down but when people want to make America strong again they get hated on by the libtard left. Isn’t this pretty strange? The Donald is the only candidate that wants to make America strong but all the other candidates seem to be into the election for more publicity and try to get even more famous.
  5. The Donald’s stance on immigration is what people want to hear: Nobody likes the immigration stance of the other candidates but Trump’s view on immigration is real and it’s what Americans want to see. Illegals should be out of this country and that’s the end of it. People can’t take the truth that illegals are very dangerous people.
  6. The Donald exposes government corruption including the GOP: Trump is not destroying the Republican party at all as the left would claim. Trump is only exposing them. Exposing how corrupted and weak the GOP is. This is another reason why many more are supporting Trump. He helped more people wake up about the GOP and that includes me. This is why I don’t label myself as a Republican anymore thanks to Donald Trump.
  7. The Donald has a lot of heart and is nice to people, yes, he’s a good man… get over it, haters: The Donald shows support for the Veterans, Troops and shows support to families who had loved ones murdered by illegals. The Donald also appreciates his fans and he’s willing to meet them… take photos or sign autographs or whatever. Is Trump an asshole and egomaniac? No. That’s not what I see at all. Trump seems like a down to earth guy to me.
  8. The Donald is a successful business man who did it all himself with hard work and dedication: A lot of us respect him for this reason. He’s a successful and professional guy who did it all himself. So all that money he made and the Empire he built is well deserved. A lot of people hate him out of jealousy, in my opinion. A lot of people want what he has. They wanna be like him. That’s why a lot of people go after him.
  9. The Donald is just too cool and entertaining as hell, funny too:  Honestly, I love his feuds with other celebrities and stuff. He’s just entertaining and funny. Some of his attacks at other celebrities makes me laugh a lot. I like how he defends himself and he has every right to do so.
  10. The Donald is the most presidential acting candidate than all the others: I’m standing by what I say. He’s a real patriot and actually shows love for the country while all the other candidates don’t. This is another big reason why we’re all supporting him.

There ya go. Enjoy!


What if Obama really was Kenyan born???

Tons of people on facebook and everywhere else, wants to believe that Obama was US born. Well, that’s what Obama wants you to believe. The reason a lot of people still believe that he is really US born ’cause they believe what they saw on Obama’s long form birth certificate, after he revealed it last year. People online already making predictions that Obama will not respond to Donald’s request. They also think Obama has nothing to prove.

The question is, what if, I’m not saying he is, but what if he really was Kenyan born? Maybe he really is an African natural? What if he admits to it before Wednesday? What’s gonna happen? Here’s what I think is gonna happen…

1) All the people who believed he was US born will feel disappointed, and dumbfounded.
2) Barack will lose a lot of respect from people, especially from the voters and other politicians who endorsed him.
3) This is going to give Obama an immediate impeachment, and possibly be charged with treason.
4) This will make Romney win, no matter what.

This needs to be looked into, why can’t you all understand that? You can’t just have a possible immigrant being president, serving another 4 years, and you can’t go thinking that’s okay to do. It’s not. Too many people are misinformed about, all of this. An alien from another country as president is unconstitutional, why can’t people understand that? I notice that the Obama supporters are going nuts over this ’cause they hate hearing the truth that he maybe, an immigrant.

Nobody’s saying he’s definitely an immigrant, we’re just questioning him.

All presidents and other candidates from the past have released their college transcripts and passports public, however, Barack has never done this yet. So you ask, people have been onto Barack about this for years, move on and leave him alone? True, we should move on, but the reason people are still busting on him ’cause he hasn’t really given any real proof yet. If Barack O’ can really prove that he was born in the US, then we would move on and leave him alone. If he really is a Kenyan, then uh oh, not so good.

I don’t mean to talk about this so much ’cause this stuff has been all over the web all day, thanks to the Donald. I agree with what Donald is doing, and I predict that Barack O’, will take upon his request. It’s not that hard to do. I don’t see why he wouldn’t. My last post about this for now. I’ll get back to talking about the entertainment industry, next post.


Edit to add: Fixed a few writing mistakes in this post. All good now.