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President debate last night… Obama vs. Romney #2…

I wasn’t gonna watch the debate last night but I’m glad I did. It was very entertaining. Better than the last one. These guys really hate each other and they really showed it. There was a lot of yelling and hollering back and forth. There was even a point, where they were about to get ready to layeth the smackdown on their candyasses, a fistfight on LIVE TV! Like everyone else, I was hoping that one of them were going to lose it and punch the other guy in the face!

Even though I don’t like Romney, I’ll admit, he did a great job last night. So he just got a tiny bit of respect from me, so I’ll probably end up voting for him. Romney did a great job exposing Barack Obama of how much a failure of a president he is. Some people are calling Romney rude for going over time when speaking and interrupting, Obama, a lot. Those who say that must be new to politics, ’cause that’s the whole point of a debate. They’re supposed to be heated & aggressive, with personal attacks all over the place. Their job is to attract voters to see which one will do the job being in the oval office. Romney wasn’t afraid to speak what’s on his mind. Romney did the most talking that he wouldn’t give the President enough time to talk, throughout the whole thing. So Romney, did the right thing, going overtime when it was running out. If you really want the job as President, you must be in the spotlight the whole time.

All the President did, was defend himself from Romney’s attacks. Both of them were looking pissed off though, and I love it.


Well, look like this will make President Obama to win the re-election no matter what happens…he is now all for same sex marriage…

Just when you’re thinking that Obama lost all the respect from people, look like he might win the respect back ’cause he’s doing a little flip flopping on gay marriage in the USA. At first he was against it, now he’s all for it. You know what this means, right? This means he could get a lot more supporters, especially from the gay community. Him supporting gay marriage to be legalized in the U.S. all around, will alone, make him win the re-election. The republicans can try their best to defeat Obama, but it’s not going to happen now.

I don’t support same sex marriage, that’s how I feel on these things, and if other people don’t like it, I don’t care. Call me an asshole for it, that’s fine. I have a right for what I want to believe in and entitled to my own opinion.

More on the story, here.

Sorry, Obama haters, but it looks like we’re going to have to put up with him for another 4 years.


Why Obama needs to go….

So you see Republicans going after Obama. Guys in the election and other people who has no part in the election like Sarah Palin, and Ted Nugent continue to attack Obama. Why are these guys trying to go after him? Why are the Republicans desperately trying to get him defeated? Why do people think he’s a horrible president?

I never liked Barack Obama ever since he started running for the last election. I was rooting for McCain/Palin, I remember.

Here are 10 reasons why Obama is not qualified to be president and why he should be out of office:

  • Obamacare is Unconstitutional – This is pretty much the big one, why a lot of people are going after him. Rick Santorum was the first to bring this to people’s attention and now it’s being looked at in Supreme court. Why is it unconstitutional? Because citizens must purchase it. They force you to pay a lot of money for it and Americans believe it shouldn’t happen.
  • Obama is anti-second amendment – He wants to make the gun rights more strict. There is a lot of talk that he wants to get rid of the rights.
  • Obama’s done nothing to save the economy – He promised change and more money for the United States. Where is it? He’s done nothing but make the economy much much worse than before.
  • Obama constantly raises gas prices – How is this helping the economy?
  • Obama is a liar  – He has lied about way too many things over the years. Especially all this nonsense on Bin Laden. Remember in 2009, when he made it clear that it was no longer necessary to kill, Bin Laden? What’s with the flip flopping?
  • Obama does nothing about Iran – Iran is a dangerous threat with possible nuclear weapons, but Obama won’t do anything to launch a strike on Iran when people’s been begging him to for a long time now. Yet, he thinks Israel is a danger to the US. What’s wrong with that picture?
  • Obama spends way too much money – George W. Bush was a big money spender, Obama spends even more. How is this helping the economy?
  • Obama promised to get people more jobs, but rejects the Keystone Pipeline – The pipeline would have been a good opportunity for jobs and better things, but Obama doesn’t want it.
  • Obama’s past connection with terrorists – He has been long associated with Bill Ayers, who is responsible for bombings during the 1960’s and 70’s, in response to involvement in the Vietnam War. Does this mean that Obama himself, is a terrorist too?
  • Obama may not be an actual U.S. Citizen – Donald Trump was the first to bring this up and he demanded Barack to release his long term birth certificate for the world to see, which Barack actually did. The certificate showed that he was born from Hawaii but it could be a fake?

There are plenty more reasons why he is such a bad president. I hope he won’t get re-elected. I was hoping Rick Santorum would keep going for the election but I understand him for giving it up because of his sick daughter.

If I were to vote for someone else now, it may as well be either Mitt Romney or Ron Paul. I don’t care for either of those guys, but anything to get Obama out of office!


In defense of Ted Nugent… he meant no harm…

I’m sure most everyone on the internet are going, “Oh no, Ted Nugent is such an evil and hateful person, he should be in jail for threatening, President Obama”. Boo Hooo… That’s what people in facebook are acting like now. I posted something about that. About me siding with Nugent, like usual people call me crazy and insane just for stating an honest opinion.

This Nuge vs. Obama thing gets mixed opinion. You’re either siding with the Nuge or not. Some people support Ted Nugent, and some people don’t.

Usually, when people hate on Ted Nugent or a Republican’s political views, those people are most likely Democrats or Obama supporters. Obama supporters will defend the President no matter what is said about them and there are a lot of Obama supporters in my facebook.

I don’t like President Obama like some other people. I think the Republicans are doing a great job exposing him, on how bad of a president he is.

I don’t take what Nuge said seriously. I think the point he was trying to make was that he wouldn’t want to be living in this society if Obama was re-elected, that’s what he meant by, “I would either be dead or be in jail”. He didn’t exactly say that he was going to go out and assassinate him. Plus, it was his way of trying to get more people to support Mitt Romney. He was actually defending Mitt Romney. He was trying to turn off Obama supporters to get them to vote for Romney instead.

So he did whatever it took to get his point at people. There was a reason he spoke in that tone. If he said it in a more positive and kind manner, then his goal that he was trying to achieve failed. Remember what I said in a previous post before? Do whatever it takes to be successful at something even if it meant to be an asshole? That’s what Nuge is doing. He’s trying to help Romney get more voters, so he went after Obama.

He meant no harm. He wasn’t threatening. Secret Service won’t even do anything, and he won’t get arrested. Why? 1st Amendment, that’s why.

The only way for him to get arrested is that there must be enough evidence to see if he’s actually going to do it, assassinate the president. That’s why the Secret Service, wanted to question him. They’ll find him innocent, believe me.

I don’t think he’s going to retract his words, and I think he’s going to stand by the things he said. I wish people would learn to not take these guys seriously. Even if their thoughts are a little crazy, sure, they have the right to speak what they want.

I’ll write a blog saying why I don’t like Obama soon, maybe this weekend.


Rick Santorum is dropping out of GOP Race ’cause he’s putting his family first…

I know there are going to be plenty of haters that are going to blame it on Rick that certain people believe he won’t have a chance in making the GOP race, but I believe he still had the chance in getting ahead of Romney. Rick was doing real good in the GOP race as he was catching up to Romney, so yes, Rick still definitely had the chance if he wanted to keep going. He could have kept going if he wanted to but…
he has a sick daughter named, Bella (pictured above).

She was just released from the hospital and now she is hospitalized again, I read. No matter what you think of Rick Santorum, love him or hate him, he did a great job in the GOP. The man knew what he was doing, and I admired him from speaking his mind on anything he wanted, even if his thoughts pissed many off. I like people like that. People who are not afraid to speak the truth. Rick could have won the GOP if he kept going, but Bella is the only reason he’s dropping out.

To all those haters out there who are disrespecting Rick ’cause of his decision, you are also disrespecting Bella and the rest of his family, something to keep in mind. Rick dropping out of the race in care for his daughter, just makes me give him even more respect. He’s a good man for that.

Those of you who can’t see that he’s dropping out because of his daughter, makes you the biggest asshole on the planet and lets hope you don’t have a family.

When Election day comes in Nov., I will vote for Romney even if I don’t like the guy just to get Obama out of office.

Thanks for all the inspiration Rick and good luck. No matter what people think of him, I will always support him and will always look after him. I truly believe in Rick. He can always try again in 2016 if he wanted to.

It is a bummer, but I understand if he’s doing it for family.


I am confident to say that Rick Santorum will win the GOP and be elected President of the United States…

My video on Rick Santorum 2012 in youtube is for real. I am serious that Santorum is my final pick. Many of you won’t see it, but Santorum will be victorious on everything. He was the only Republican candidate that I was impressed with. The other three guys are nothing but douchebags. Ron Paul is nothing but a racist. Romney is a Mormon, and I don’t like his political issues. I’m no fan of Gingrich either.

A lot of people have a hard time understanding, Santorum, but give it time. I think America will have a change of heart with him and respect him sometime in the future. Santorum and Sarah Palin are similar in so many ways, they remind me of each other. As you can see, I did my careful research on Santorum for that video, to make sure I wrote everything right. So far so good, nobody called me out on anything they disagreed with. It seems people actually respected my pick for President.

Santorum will get my loyal support. If he drops out of the Election, before November, then I don’t know who I will vote for. I don’t see Santorum dropping out at all. He seems pretty committed to this and he wants the President thing pretty badly. I don’t see him giving up.

Santorum 2012!!!


Thought: About Sarah Palin and the Paul Revere controversy, if everyone thinks she’s wrong, then she is probably right…

The entire internet is all over Sarah Palin again. People are pissed at her comments on Paul Revere, when she said, that Paul Revere did the midnight ride to warn people that the British were coming. My thoughts, that I think she is probably right. She’s a smart woman who knows American history better than anybody. That is why people are mad at her, because she is right.

When you want to be a politician, you have to know American history well. So they are not going to make things up about our past. Those who thinks she’s wrong are probably uneducated people themselves. This whole thing was blown out of proportion, I think. People misunderstood what she was trying to say.

Everything she says is right.

Straight from the wikipedia itself:

As a result, his “midnight ride” to warn the people that the British forces were coming is a legendary part of United States history.

The British were going to destroy weapons from Concord and all military stores. Paul did the “Midnight Ride” to try and stop that from happening, by warning people. The British were also going to capture Sam Adams and John Hancock.

What Sarah means, that if Paul Revere didn’t do what he did, then we would have no 2nd amendment rights. Paul Revere was the one who inspired the 2nd Amendment rights . The British would have had taken control of the weapons. Things would have been different today if Paul didn’t do the Midnight Ride. He did it to fight for “freedom” like she said.

Think long and hard on how she is right about everything she said. He’s the founding father of the 2nd amendment right. If it wasn’t for Paul Revere, we wouldn’t have our rights to bear arms.

She still gets my support.


Sarah Palin is running for president…I know she is…

Sarah Palin is on her bus tour thing. I think the obvious reason why is that she is running for President and this is her way of hyping it up. She hasn’t announced her president run yet, but she will. I just know that when she runs for President in 2012, she’ll get my vote no matter what. Her and John McCain had my vote the last election, she’ll get my vote again. I loved her ever since.


BREAKING NEWS: Sarah Palin vs. Barack Obama for Presidential Race 2012, it’s ON!!!!


Ever since she resigned from governor of Alaska, she hasn’t yet answered if she will run for President in 2012 until now. The day after the Nashville Tea Party, Sarah decides to break the news exclusively to FOXNews.com that she is definitely running for President. Something tells me that she will have no one other than John McCain as her vice-president running mate? It’s possible and I can see that happening too. This is very exciting. Sarah Palin had my vote in the last election, she will get my vote again in the next. Obama better be praying and counting the time on the clock, ’cause his days are just about over as President. We will get our first female president no matter what happens!