BREAKING NEWS: Sarah Palin vs. Barack Obama for Presidential Race 2012, it’s ON!!!!


Ever since she resigned from governor of Alaska, she hasn’t yet answered if she will run for President in 2012 until now. The day after the Nashville Tea Party, Sarah decides to break the news exclusively to that she is definitely running for President. Something tells me that she will have no one other than John McCain as her vice-president running mate? It’s possible and I can see that happening too. This is very exciting. Sarah Palin had my vote in the last election, she will get my vote again in the next. Obama better be praying and counting the time on the clock, ’cause his days are just about over as President. We will get our first female president no matter what happens!


4 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Sarah Palin vs. Barack Obama for Presidential Race 2012, it’s ON!!!!”

  1. I believe that it will all come out when she debates Hillary Clinton, they’ll be running against each other in 2012. If you write songs, this could be a chance to cash in on the political rock realm – there’s money out there. PROTEST SONGS. Remember the 1960’s? Dylan made a mint writing protest songs. But you were probably alive then and in the middle of it all. You’re a wise old soul.

    1. In my next batch of songs, I plan on making political and topical music. I have already wrote songs like that before. I always dug Springsteen and Neil Young, I think I’ll follow their footsteps.


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