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Rick Santorum is dropping out of GOP Race ’cause he’s putting his family first…

I know there are going to be plenty of haters that are going to blame it on Rick that certain people believe he won’t have a chance in making the GOP race, but I believe he still had the chance in getting ahead of Romney. Rick was doing real good in the GOP race as he was catching up to Romney, so yes, Rick still definitely had the chance if he wanted to keep going. He could have kept going if he wanted to but…
he has a sick daughter named, Bella (pictured above).

She was just released from the hospital and now she is hospitalized again, I read. No matter what you think of Rick Santorum, love him or hate him, he did a great job in the GOP. The man knew what he was doing, and I admired him from speaking his mind on anything he wanted, even if his thoughts pissed many off. I like people like that. People who are not afraid to speak the truth. Rick could have won the GOP if he kept going, but Bella is the only reason he’s dropping out.

To all those haters out there who are disrespecting Rick ’cause of his decision, you are also disrespecting Bella and the rest of his family, something to keep in mind. Rick dropping out of the race in care for his daughter, just makes me give him even more respect. He’s a good man for that.

Those of you who can’t see that he’s dropping out because of his daughter, makes you the biggest asshole on the planet and lets hope you don’t have a family.

When Election day comes in Nov., I will vote for Romney even if I don’t like the guy just to get Obama out of office.

Thanks for all the inspiration Rick and good luck. No matter what people think of him, I will always support him and will always look after him. I truly believe in Rick. He can always try again in 2016 if he wanted to.

It is a bummer, but I understand if he’s doing it for family.


Rick Santorum vs. Mitt Romney, which religious guy is whackier???

I don’t get why so many call Rick Santorum a religious whack job, when Mitt Romney is no different. Romney maybe in the lead in the GOP race but HE IS slowly losing popularity, Super Tuesday earlier this week showed it. Rick could easily get ahead of him in the GOP race. Rick did really well in Super Tuesday earlier this week, I was so proud of him, seriously. Romney may won at least 5 states for Super Tuesday but Rick came so close behind Romney.

I don’t get why people say Rick is so bad. In my opinion, Rick is the best candidate out of the 4. Deep down inside, you all know it too, you just don’t want to admit it. Rick Santorum is the f’ing man.


I’ll admit that Rick Santorum is a bit crazy, but that’s what I like about him…

All those that say that Santorum is a crazy & insane guy in the GOP race. I’ll admit, that I agree somewhat, but you have to come to think of it, that sometimes you have to be crazy to become successful in something. As long as Santorum is moving on up in the election, he must be doing something right. Think about it. Doesn’t matter what you think about him.

If Rick can win Arizona and Michigan on Tuesday, I think he’ll be caught up with Romney, or maybe get ahead of him in the delegates.

All presidential candidates don’t always have to be perfect and normal, all the time right? No!!! Life like that would be boring, so it don’t hurt to have a bit of crazy in you. He’s just doing whatever it takes to win the GOP nomination and get elected President after, which is pretty ballsy.

Why are people calling Rick insane and not the other candidates? I think the other guys are more of a lunatic than Rick is.

At least Rick stays positive and has a good attitude. I’ll be watching the Arizona/Michigan primaries Tuesday to see who wins both states. I’m pretty sure Rick is going to take both of those States.


Rick Santorum, victorious last night!

I had my eyes glued to the TV all evening last night. I was watching the GOP election for the three states they were doing last night, all evening. It was pretty amazing. Rick was kicking ass last night and I hope he keeps at it if he wants to get ahead of Romney.

Right now, Romney has 106 total delegates. Rick is in third place now with 34 total delegates. Rick would now need a little over 70 delegates if he wants to beat Romney. If Rick wants to beat Romney and get ahead of him, it might take Rick several more states to do it.

Saturday will be the Maine caucus, and I’ll be watching that this weekend as well to see if Rick wins Maine.

Check out the results so far, here.

People are starting to slam me in facebook for my choice of President for Rick Santorum, but oh well. I don’t care what the haters say. I’m rooting for Rick no matter what anybody says. I just think he’s the best guy out of the 4 candidates. I’m very impressed with him and I like the way he thinks.

Rick Santorum would make a great president. If he’s elected, the economy will get better and we’ll get more jobs. Plus, there will be less violence and terrorism in this country and we could live better lives.



Romney not-surprisingly wins Nevada caucus…

The state of Nevada is extremely popular with Mormons. It’s a Mormon state. That’s the only reason why he got a large number of delegates ’cause Romney has a lot of fellow Mormon supporters. Honestly, I have nothing against Romney being a Mormon, it’s just that I’m no big fan of his political issues. He doesn’t care for the poor and he enjoys firing people. Lots of other reasons why I don’t like him. I don’t agree with a lot of Romney’s political issues.

Tuesday will be Colorado and Minnesota, so somebody else may have a chance in winning those two states. If Romney ends up winning both of those states again, I’m gonna be pissed.

Hopefully, Rick will step his game up. Rick needs to improve his campaigns and debates if he wants to catch up to Romney.

Everyone wants to see Obama get defeated and have someone else get elected president, but Obama could be victorious in the President Election itself and he may get re-elected. I’m praying Obama loses too.

If Rick Santorum drops out of the Election before Nov., I’ll just vote for anybody randomly, just to try and help get Obama out of office. I’m happy for Rick that he wasn’t in Nevada today. He was busy campaigning in Colorado instead, which is good, more power to him. Hopefully, Rick, will get higher scores in Colorado and Minn. on Tuesday, or even better win both states.