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Newt Gingrich claims Trump don’t want to “Drain the Swamp”, Trump says he’s full of it…

Newt Gingrich is going around claiming that Trump no longer wants to use the phrase, “Drain The Swamp” and Trump the man himself just tweeted this today. I’m not sure if Newt really said that or if the “Fake News Media” trying to make Newt look bad but it seems that Trump is still committed with “Drain the Swamp” which is good.

This is why you should listen to Trump the man himself. Don’t listen to other people or the fake news media.

I had a feeling that claim of Trump no longer “Draining the Swamp” is bullshit and glad it is. Don’t listen to CNN, the Washington Post and all that garbage.

Get ready for Jan. 21, that’s when the draining the swamp begins. Take out the trash and clean house! That’s the American dream we voted for!




Love this post by Newt Gingrich about the Hillary “e-mail” scandal….

While it’s good that the liberal left speaks out against Republicans, the one thing they fail to see is that the Democrats and liberal politicians are corrupted people. The liberals know that Republican corruption exists but they don’t want to believe that Democrat corruption exists. I think the Hillary e-mails should be good enough proof that Democrat corruption does exist.

Rand Paul says that Hillary thinks she’s above the law and Newt Gingrich here is saying the same thing.

It’s unfair on how the Republican party are labeled as bad guys and the Democrats are good guys. I absolutely blame that on our mainstream media. They are the ones making politics a “black and white world”. The media are the ones making politics so divisive.

Like I said before, what will it take to get people to learn that the Democrats are just as bad as Republicans? The sad thing is most people in America especially liberals want to view Democrats as good people who are just doing good things for the country. They look at Democrats as just people doing their jobs. In facebook, you see people re-sharing memes and quotes from Democrat politicians such as Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, etc. I’m sick of seeing all that shit. Those two people that I just named Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are not even that great either.

I believe that liberals support the wrong people and they don’t realize who they are supporting. I believe they don’t do research on the person they are supporting, that’s why Barack was elected twice ’cause liberals are so dumb they didn’t research Barack more.

We really need to do something about the Democrat party. There’s gotta be a way to expose them. To show the world how corrupted and broken they really are. Just as bad as Republicans. Liberals will accuse us of being one sided but we’re not. A lot of us conservatives are not happy with the GOP right now and the GOP is not really a “conservative” party. Republican and conservative are not the same thing.

Liberals really are not that smart with their politics even though they think they are. I’ll always stand by that.


Rick Santorum is not offensive or hateful at all, he’s actually the most positive candidate there is!!!

In facebook,  I’m seeing a lot of hateful postings against candidate, Rick Santorum. A lot of people say he’s offensive, and hateful about a lot of things. Wrong. Rick is actually the most positive guy than the other three guys. It’s actually Mitt Romney, is the biggest asshole of them all. Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich are jerks too. That’s why their scores are getting low in the GOP race.

Rick’s honest thoughts maybe controversial, yes, but at least he has the balls to say what he wants. Rick doesn’t waste time attacking the other candidates. He focuses on the issues and more important things. Never once, I ever heard him say something negative.

Maybe this is why some people can’t stand Rick ’cause they know he’s the most honest than the other three. Rick was never opinionated about anything. He was always pretty factual. That’s why his numbers are going up and why he is kicking ass in the election.

People are starting to give him a little more respect. He improved his campaigns and he’s getting better at his public speeches. Give it time, you’ll start to give him more respect too.

He maybe hard to understand at first, but soon you’ll get it. Where he’s getting at and how he’s feeling about things. He’s just staying true to the Constitution. He also wants what’s best for families and the American people, he actually cares for us.

I’ll always support him.


Rick Santorum, victorious last night!

I had my eyes glued to the TV all evening last night. I was watching the GOP election for the three states they were doing last night, all evening. It was pretty amazing. Rick was kicking ass last night and I hope he keeps at it if he wants to get ahead of Romney.

Right now, Romney has 106 total delegates. Rick is in third place now with 34 total delegates. Rick would now need a little over 70 delegates if he wants to beat Romney. If Rick wants to beat Romney and get ahead of him, it might take Rick several more states to do it.

Saturday will be the Maine caucus, and I’ll be watching that this weekend as well to see if Rick wins Maine.

Check out the results so far, here.

People are starting to slam me in facebook for my choice of President for Rick Santorum, but oh well. I don’t care what the haters say. I’m rooting for Rick no matter what anybody says. I just think he’s the best guy out of the 4 candidates. I’m very impressed with him and I like the way he thinks.

Rick Santorum would make a great president. If he’s elected, the economy will get better and we’ll get more jobs. Plus, there will be less violence and terrorism in this country and we could live better lives.



Rick Santorum is on FIRE tonight!!! GO RICK!!! 2012!!!!

See? What I tell ya all? I just knew Rick was going to start kicking ass soon and I was right! Rick is on fire tonight for the Caucus for the three states in Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado. Santorum is in the lead for Missouri and Minnesota, but the Colorado results aren’t in yet. I think he’s going to kick ass in Colorado too.

RICK SANTORUM 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See, I told you before, Rick has a chance to win the GOP. He’s going to get it! 🙂


Romney not-surprisingly wins Nevada caucus…

The state of Nevada is extremely popular with Mormons. It’s a Mormon state. That’s the only reason why he got a large number of delegates ’cause Romney has a lot of fellow Mormon supporters. Honestly, I have nothing against Romney being a Mormon, it’s just that I’m no big fan of his political issues. He doesn’t care for the poor and he enjoys firing people. Lots of other reasons why I don’t like him. I don’t agree with a lot of Romney’s political issues.

Tuesday will be Colorado and Minnesota, so somebody else may have a chance in winning those two states. If Romney ends up winning both of those states again, I’m gonna be pissed.

Hopefully, Rick will step his game up. Rick needs to improve his campaigns and debates if he wants to catch up to Romney.

Everyone wants to see Obama get defeated and have someone else get elected president, but Obama could be victorious in the President Election itself and he may get re-elected. I’m praying Obama loses too.

If Rick Santorum drops out of the Election before Nov., I’ll just vote for anybody randomly, just to try and help get Obama out of office. I’m happy for Rick that he wasn’t in Nevada today. He was busy campaigning in Colorado instead, which is good, more power to him. Hopefully, Rick, will get higher scores in Colorado and Minn. on Tuesday, or even better win both states.



Thought: How Rick Santorum can still win the GOP…

Some of you may think that Rick Santorum, or even Newt Gingrich or Ron Paul may not have a chance of getting ahead of Mitt Romney in the “GOP Race”. The other candidates STILL have a chance in getting ahead of Romney. Romney has 75 delegates so far, and if you look at the website, all you need, is “1,144” delegates to get to the GOP. The GOP election needs to do all the states in the US, they only did 4 so far. For Ron, Newt, and Rick, they would need to win a lot more states if they want to get ahead of Romney. This is still just the beginning of the GOP race. They still have ways to go. The GOP race won’t end ’til the end of June.

Today is the Nevada caucus, and I’m looking forward to seeing who will be victorious on that state. I’ll be following the rest of the GOP election. While the other guys still have a chance in getting ahead of Romney, I’m still rooting for Rick. So hopefully he’ll win Nevada today.