Newt Gingrich claims Trump don’t want to “Drain the Swamp”, Trump says he’s full of it…

Newt Gingrich is going around claiming that Trump no longer wants to use the phrase, “Drain The Swamp” and Trump the man himself just tweeted this today. I’m not sure if Newt really said that or if the “Fake News Media” trying to make Newt look bad but it seems that Trump is still committed with “Drain the Swamp” which is good.

This is why you should listen to Trump the man himself. Don’t listen to other people or the fake news media.

I had a feeling that claim of Trump no longer “Draining the Swamp” is bullshit and glad it is. Don’t listen to CNN, the Washington Post and all that garbage.

Get ready for Jan. 21, that’s when the draining the swamp begins. Take out the trash and clean house! That’s the American dream we voted for!





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