Top 15 movies to look forward to in 2017…

So it’s almost at the end of the year. 2017 is just around the corner. Usually I do this list every year for my blog as to what movies to look forward to next year.

Here’s a top 15 list of movies I’m definitely looking forward to in 2017:


  • Justice League: Finally, Justice League is getting a live action motion picture like we’ve been dreaming of for a long time. It’s finally happening and looking forward to it for sure. Film is looking good so far from all the video footage and photos I’ve seen of it.
  • Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman is finally getting her own movie and from the trailer I’ve seen of it, looks like a damn good film too. Definitely gonna see this one.
  • Logan: The new “Wolverine” movie looks badass and definitely gonna see this one for sure.
  • Star Wars Episode VIII: We’ll definitely see more Luke Skywalker in this one. I’m sure we’ll see Luke in lightsaber action again too. Can’t wait!
  • Underworld: Blood Wars: Finally Kate Beckinsale returns. I’m a huge fan of the Underworld series. Seen them all, love them all. Gonna see this one for sure.
  • Resident Evil: The Final Chapter: I’m also a huge Resident Evil fan and gonna see this one. The final RE film looks great.
  • Alien: Covenant: Once again, I’m a huge fan of the Alien franchise and definitely gonna see the one.
  • War For the Planet of the Apes: I’m a big fan of the Planet of the Apes and from what I’ve seen of the new trailer, this movie looks fuckin’ awesome. Definitely gonna be there for this one.
  • John Wick – Chapter 2: Loved the first John Wick movie, this one looks even better than the first. I’m no fan of Keanu Reeves but this is one role that he’s real good in. He’s badass as this character!!!
  • Blade Runner: 2049: Saw the first teaser trailer for this flick and it looks good already. I love the first Blade Runner film and glad that Harrison is gonna be back for this one!
  • King Arthur: The Legacy of the Sword: I love the King Arthur story and this film by the great Guy Ritchie looks awesome. Definitely gonna check this one out!
  • SAW: Legacy: A new “Saw” film is coming out in 2017 and I would think it would come out around Halloween. Huge SAW fan and glad SAW 8 is finally happening.
  • The Fate of the Furious: I love the “Fast and Furious” franchise so I’ll probably check this one out, sure.
  • Stephen King’s “IT”: I’m a huge fan of the IT book and the TV mini-series movie so I hope the big screen version will be good. We should see a trailer soon.
  • The Dark Tower: I’m a big fan of the Dark Tower book series so maybe I should check this one out. I’m sure the trailer will turn out good, hopefully.

Well, that’s it! Enjoy!



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