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Rick Santorum is not offensive or hateful at all, he’s actually the most positive candidate there is!!!

In facebook,  I’m seeing a lot of hateful postings against candidate, Rick Santorum. A lot of people say he’s offensive, and hateful about a lot of things. Wrong. Rick is actually the most positive guy than the other three guys. It’s actually Mitt Romney, is the biggest asshole of them all. Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich are jerks too. That’s why their scores are getting low in the GOP race.

Rick’s honest thoughts maybe controversial, yes, but at least he has the balls to say what he wants. Rick doesn’t waste time attacking the other candidates. He focuses on the issues and more important things. Never once, I ever heard him say something negative.

Maybe this is why some people can’t stand Rick ’cause they know he’s the most honest than the other three. Rick was never opinionated about anything. He was always pretty factual. That’s why his numbers are going up and why he is kicking ass in the election.

People are starting to give him a little more respect. He improved his campaigns and he’s getting better at his public speeches. Give it time, you’ll start to give him more respect too.

He maybe hard to understand at first, but soon you’ll get it. Where he’s getting at and how he’s feeling about things. He’s just staying true to the Constitution. He also wants what’s best for families and the American people, he actually cares for us.

I’ll always support him.


My choice for GOP nomination and President of the United States???

I haven’t been following the GOP debates, so I’ve been watching the older videos of the debates in youtube. In the past, I haven’t decided on who I would want to win for a GOP nomination and to win the Election 2012 for President of the United States.

I think I’ve made my choice on who I would want for President of the United States. There is this one candidate who I have been impressed with as of late. Who is it?

I’ll announce him tomorrow. My choice may become quite a surprise for everyone, and no it isn’t Ron Paul. I can clue you in, it is somebody that everyone hates, and he is younger than most of the candidates running.


EDIT TO ADD: I’ll reveal my choice in a videoblog tomorrow. I think it’ll be more fun to do it on video.