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Thought: How Rick Santorum can still win the GOP…

Some of you may think that Rick Santorum, or even Newt Gingrich or Ron Paul may not have a chance of getting ahead of Mitt Romney in the “GOP Race”. The other candidates STILL have a chance in getting ahead of Romney. Romney has 75 delegates so far, and if you look at the website, all you need, is “1,144” delegates to get to the GOP. The GOP election needs to do all the states in the US, they only did 4 so far. For Ron, Newt, and Rick, they would need to win a lot more states if they want to get ahead of Romney. This is still just the beginning of the GOP race. They still have ways to go. The GOP race won’t end ’til the end of June.

Today is the Nevada caucus, and I’m looking forward to seeing who will be victorious on that state. I’ll be following the rest of the GOP election. While the other guys still have a chance in getting ahead of Romney, I’m still rooting for Rick. So hopefully he’ll win Nevada today.


I am confident to say that Rick Santorum will win the GOP and be elected President of the United States…

My video on Rick Santorum 2012 in youtube is for real. I am serious that Santorum is my final pick. Many of you won’t see it, but Santorum will be victorious on everything. He was the only Republican candidate that I was impressed with. The other three guys are nothing but douchebags. Ron Paul is nothing but a racist. Romney is a Mormon, and I don’t like his political issues. I’m no fan of Gingrich either.

A lot of people have a hard time understanding, Santorum, but give it time. I think America will have a change of heart with him and respect him sometime in the future. Santorum and Sarah Palin are similar in so many ways, they remind me of each other. As you can see, I did my careful research on Santorum for that video, to make sure I wrote everything right. So far so good, nobody called me out on anything they disagreed with. It seems people actually respected my pick for President.

Santorum will get my loyal support. If he drops out of the Election, before November, then I don’t know who I will vote for. I don’t see Santorum dropping out at all. He seems pretty committed to this and he wants the President thing pretty badly. I don’t see him giving up.

Santorum 2012!!!