Romney not-surprisingly wins Nevada caucus…

The state of Nevada is extremely popular with Mormons. It’s a Mormon state. That’s the only reason why he got a large number of delegates ’cause Romney has a lot of fellow Mormon supporters. Honestly, I have nothing against Romney being a Mormon, it’s just that I’m no big fan of his political issues. He doesn’t care for the poor and he enjoys firing people. Lots of other reasons why I don’t like him. I don’t agree with a lot of Romney’s political issues.

Tuesday will be Colorado and Minnesota, so somebody else may have a chance in winning those two states. If Romney ends up winning both of those states again, I’m gonna be pissed.

Hopefully, Rick will step his game up. Rick needs to improve his campaigns and debates if he wants to catch up to Romney.

Everyone wants to see Obama get defeated and have someone else get elected president, but Obama could be victorious in the President Election itself and he may get re-elected. I’m praying Obama loses too.

If Rick Santorum drops out of the Election before Nov., I’ll just vote for anybody randomly, just to try and help get Obama out of office. I’m happy for Rick that he wasn’t in Nevada today. He was busy campaigning in Colorado instead, which is good, more power to him. Hopefully, Rick, will get higher scores in Colorado and Minn. on Tuesday, or even better win both states.



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