Why Obama needs to go….

So you see Republicans going after Obama. Guys in the election and other people who has no part in the election like Sarah Palin, and Ted Nugent continue to attack Obama. Why are these guys trying to go after him? Why are the Republicans desperately trying to get him defeated? Why do people think he’s a horrible president?

I never liked Barack Obama ever since he started running for the last election. I was rooting for McCain/Palin, I remember.

Here are 10 reasons why Obama is not qualified to be president and why he should be out of office:

  • Obamacare is Unconstitutional – This is pretty much the big one, why a lot of people are going after him. Rick Santorum was the first to bring this to people’s attention and now it’s being looked at in Supreme court. Why is it unconstitutional? Because citizens must purchase it. They force you to pay a lot of money for it and Americans believe it shouldn’t happen.
  • Obama is anti-second amendment – He wants to make the gun rights more strict. There is a lot of talk that he wants to get rid of the rights.
  • Obama’s done nothing to save the economy – He promised change and more money for the United States. Where is it? He’s done nothing but make the economy much much worse than before.
  • Obama constantly raises gas prices – How is this helping the economy?
  • Obama is a liar  – He has lied about way too many things over the years. Especially all this nonsense on Bin Laden. Remember in 2009, when he made it clear that it was no longer necessary to kill, Bin Laden? What’s with the flip flopping?
  • Obama does nothing about Iran – Iran is a dangerous threat with possible nuclear weapons, but Obama won’t do anything to launch a strike on Iran when people’s been begging him to for a long time now. Yet, he thinks Israel is a danger to the US. What’s wrong with that picture?
  • Obama spends way too much money – George W. Bush was a big money spender, Obama spends even more. How is this helping the economy?
  • Obama promised to get people more jobs, but rejects the Keystone Pipeline – The pipeline would have been a good opportunity for jobs and better things, but Obama doesn’t want it.
  • Obama’s past connection with terrorists – He has been long associated with Bill Ayers, who is responsible for bombings during the 1960’s and 70’s, in response to involvement in the Vietnam War. Does this mean that Obama himself, is a terrorist too?
  • Obama may not be an actual U.S. Citizen – Donald Trump was the first to bring this up and he demanded Barack to release his long term birth certificate for the world to see, which Barack actually did. The certificate showed that he was born from Hawaii but it could be a fake?

There are plenty more reasons why he is such a bad president. I hope he won’t get re-elected. I was hoping Rick Santorum would keep going for the election but I understand him for giving it up because of his sick daughter.

If I were to vote for someone else now, it may as well be either Mitt Romney or Ron Paul. I don’t care for either of those guys, but anything to get Obama out of office!


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