President debate last night… Obama vs. Romney #2…

I wasn’t gonna watch the debate last night but I’m glad I did. It was very entertaining. Better than the last one. These guys really hate each other and they really showed it. There was a lot of yelling and hollering back and forth. There was even a point, where they were about to get ready to layeth the smackdown on their candyasses, a fistfight on LIVE TV! Like everyone else, I was hoping that one of them were going to lose it and punch the other guy in the face!

Even though I don’t like Romney, I’ll admit, he did a great job last night. So he just got a tiny bit of respect from me, so I’ll probably end up voting for him. Romney did a great job exposing Barack Obama of how much a failure of a president he is. Some people are calling Romney rude for going over time when speaking and interrupting, Obama, a lot. Those who say that must be new to politics, ’cause that’s the whole point of a debate. They’re supposed to be heated & aggressive, with personal attacks all over the place. Their job is to attract voters to see which one will do the job being in the oval office. Romney wasn’t afraid to speak what’s on his mind. Romney did the most talking that he wouldn’t give the President enough time to talk, throughout the whole thing. So Romney, did the right thing, going overtime when it was running out. If you really want the job as President, you must be in the spotlight the whole time.

All the President did, was defend himself from Romney’s attacks. Both of them were looking pissed off though, and I love it.


5 thoughts on “President debate last night… Obama vs. Romney #2…”

      1. Ah. Just out of curiosity, you don’t have a job, do you? Are you collecting unemployment or social security?

      2. I was collecting unemployment for a while but it ran out. I can’t really get into details about my personal life, publicly, but I do find ways to have a little cash once in a while. I’ll leave it at that. The economics is shit, that it’s tough to get a job. I’ve been jobless for a long while. Tried filling out applications and sending resumes out, no luck. This country is fucked.


  1. Ok, I figured you were on some sort of assistance, which you confirmed. Funny you’d be registered with the party that traditionally wants to cut benefits for someone like you.

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