In defense of Ted Nugent… he meant no harm…

I’m sure most everyone on the internet are going, “Oh no, Ted Nugent is such an evil and hateful person, he should be in jail for threatening, President Obama”. Boo Hooo… That’s what people in facebook are acting like now. I posted something about that. About me siding with Nugent, like usual people call me crazy and insane just for stating an honest opinion.

This Nuge vs. Obama thing gets mixed opinion. You’re either siding with the Nuge or not. Some people support Ted Nugent, and some people don’t.

Usually, when people hate on Ted Nugent or a Republican’s political views, those people are most likely Democrats or Obama supporters. Obama supporters will defend the President no matter what is said about them and there are a lot of Obama supporters in my facebook.

I don’t like President Obama like some other people. I think the Republicans are doing a great job exposing him, on how bad of a president he is.

I don’t take what Nuge said seriously. I think the point he was trying to make was that he wouldn’t want to be living in this society if Obama was re-elected, that’s what he meant by, “I would either be dead or be in jail”. He didn’t exactly say that he was going to go out and assassinate him. Plus, it was his way of trying to get more people to support Mitt Romney. He was actually defending Mitt Romney. He was trying to turn off Obama supporters to get them to vote for Romney instead.

So he did whatever it took to get his point at people. There was a reason he spoke in that tone. If he said it in a more positive and kind manner, then his goal that he was trying to achieve failed. Remember what I said in a previous post before? Do whatever it takes to be successful at something even if it meant to be an asshole? That’s what Nuge is doing. He’s trying to help Romney get more voters, so he went after Obama.

He meant no harm. He wasn’t threatening. Secret Service won’t even do anything, and he won’t get arrested. Why? 1st Amendment, that’s why.

The only way for him to get arrested is that there must be enough evidence to see if he’s actually going to do it, assassinate the president. That’s why the Secret Service, wanted to question him. They’ll find him innocent, believe me.

I don’t think he’s going to retract his words, and I think he’s going to stand by the things he said. I wish people would learn to not take these guys seriously. Even if their thoughts are a little crazy, sure, they have the right to speak what they want.

I’ll write a blog saying why I don’t like Obama soon, maybe this weekend.


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