Thought: Why Adele, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry are the best thing going in the music industry today…

It’s VERY rare that I like pop artists. I can’t stand most pop music, but I would like very few of them. As some of you know, I’m mostly into rock and roll & metal. Stuff that aren’t too commercial and mainstream. However, I am a huge fan of Adele, Gaga and Katy Perry. Why?

Not only that these women are great singers, and songwriters, I also admire the way they express themselves. I dig their music ’cause their music is rock n’ roll in some way or another. I don’t consider these three artists guilty pleasures either. I really do like their music like a real fan. I own CD’s by all three: Adele, Gaga and Perry.

They are the true Divas of today’s generation. They have what it takes to make the industry, stronger and better. Plus, they write songs with heart and passion. They write amazing and powerful songs. To those that don’t like any of them, just won’t admit that they are great.

These women are the future of music and they’re not going away, anytime soon. If these women weren’t around, then the music business would fail. It’s too early to say, you can betcha they will become big legends 20 years from now. Future, Rock and Roll Hall of Famers? Absolutely!

All three of these women write pretty real and honest songs. They write songs that everyone can relate to. Plus, they are so much fun to listen to and I get chills hearing their music. I would love to see all three of these artists perform live if they ever come around here on tour. Hopefully at least one of them will play a concert here. I think I would love to see Adele live more than the other two.


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