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Thoughts on Metallica and Gaga performing together, having technical issues with microphone… also, more thoughts on the Grammy’s show last night…

I think the goal with this collaboration is that James and Lady Gaga were to trade vocal lines back and forth in the first verses before the chorus… then they would sing the chorus together. However, though, James was having technical issues with the mic. He tried singing the first verses but he couldn’t hear anything coming out of it. So while James was having technical issues during the first verses, Gaga sung her lines of what she was supposed to sing anyways. During that performance, you can immediately tell that James was pissed as fuck. Out of frustration, he gave up on that mic and him and Gaga shared a mic together. Then when the sound guy finally fixed the mic, James went back to his mic and sung the second verses this time.

A lot of people online are unfairly blaming Metallica for this but the way I see it, this was not their fault at all. It’s just that the Grammy’s hired a crappy sound guy and they had amatuer-ish stage technicians. Don’t blame Metallica, blame the Grammy’s. It was totally their fault.

After this, I think Metallica will soon put out a statement and talk about what happened. Then Metallica and Gaga will perform this song again together at one of their concerts for their “Hardwired” US tour so they can have a better performance, I’m sure that will happen.

People are hating Metallica even more after that performance and I can’t understand why. Metallica continues to have a lot of haters but I always respected that band and always will. People’s hatred for them got worse after that performance.

Other than the technical issues, it proved that James Hetfield can really sing and he’s no lip syncer at all. Same with Gaga, she’s a real singer as well and I loved how she looks like she’s having a blast performing with them ’cause she seems like a real Metallica fan too. I think Lady Gaga is winning my respect back and I think I’ll go back to supporting her music again. Remember, don’t blame Metallica for this ’cause the Grammy’s had technical issues throughout the show. They were horrible.

Other than that, last night’s Grammy awards was surprisingly a pretty good show. They kept politics out of things for the most part except for Katy Perry who went political about Trump’s border wall and immigration predictably so screw Katy Perry. Also, The Grammy’s president Neil Portnow went on a political rant about how President Trump needs to protect the arts and I’m like “what?”.

I thought the best performances of the night were Beyonce and Bruno Mars’s Prince tribute. Both were pretty amazing, I thought. Yeah, I know I gave Beyonce a lot of shit over the years but she kept her political messages out of things for once and that was good enough to have a change of heart with her. She didn’t bash Trump at all which I was surprised about. She focused on the performance which was actually interesting. As far as Bruno Mars goes, I was never a fan of that guy but I’m starting to like him more and actually thinking about buying his music soon. I thought Chance the Rapper was pretty good too.

I’m glad they gave “Record of the Year” and “Album of the Year” to Adele ’cause “25” is a good album as I have that album in my CD collection. I have all of Adele’s albums. She’s my favorite artist too.

As far as James Corden goes, the Grammy’s host, I was surprised that he didn’t go political at all. Didn’t bash Trump or anything like that. He focused on making people laugh and telling jokes which is what he was supposed to do. James Corden did a good job and I enjoyed watching him.

It was surprisingly a pretty good “Grammy’s” night. Better than last year’s anyways and I think they’re improving.


Has James Hetfield been giving his daughter Cali singing lessons? It seems so…

Look like James Hetfield’s daughter, Cali (who maybe around 16 – 17 years old) is following her father’s footsteps in becoming a singer and musician too. Here is James inviting his daughter to the stage at Sammy Hagar’s Acoustic benefit event. They do a cover of Adele’s “Crazy For You”.

Of course, this wasn’t the first time they performed together as I’m sure they had many times… here she is with him when she was younger:

Will Cali start her own band and start her own music career someday? If that’s what she wants, I can see James getting her into the music biz and this is only the beginning of it.

I think it be kind of cool if James and Cali collaborate on an album together like a duo project or something. I can see that happening whenever Metallica retires or go on another long hiatus. Who knows what may happen?


Youtube will become the next myspace if google is serious about this…

What do I mean when youtube will become the next myspace??? It means that people will jump ship from youtube to somewhere else just like people jump shipped from the old myspace to facebook. Google is getting pretty slimey. I’m starting to dislike youtube even more now and even I’m already starting to think about uploading my videos somewhere else. Independent labels maybe gone from youtube soon including some of the biggest artists like Adele and Jack White will be gone from youtube soon ’cause of the stupid streaming service deal.


I find it real sad that people have to target musicians like this in youtube. First major labels made it tough for youtube musicians to upload cover songs and now this.

It’s getting tougher for musicians to share their music online. It’s all about the money obviously. That’s all they care about is making money out of musicians. Crazy.


Cool Photo: Adele confirms she’s singing the title theme for “Skyfall” by tweeting this photo…

Adele tweeted this photo of herself in the studio, recording the opening title theme song for the next 007 flick, “Skyfall”. The pic doesn’t actually show her, but all it shows is just her fingers and what it looks like sheet music/lyrics for the theme song? See the pic, here.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing, “Skyfall”. Hopefully it’ll be a good movie ’cause the last two 007 Daniel Craig flicks haven’t been that great to be honest with you. I hope the next one will be an improvement.


Thought: Why Adele, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry are the best thing going in the music industry today…

It’s VERY rare that I like pop artists. I can’t stand most pop music, but I would like very few of them. As some of you know, I’m mostly into rock and roll & metal. Stuff that aren’t too commercial and mainstream. However, I am a huge fan of Adele, Gaga and Katy Perry. Why?

Not only that these women are great singers, and songwriters, I also admire the way they express themselves. I dig their music ’cause their music is rock n’ roll in some way or another. I don’t consider these three artists guilty pleasures either. I really do like their music like a real fan. I own CD’s by all three: Adele, Gaga and Perry.

They are the true Divas of today’s generation. They have what it takes to make the industry, stronger and better. Plus, they write songs with heart and passion. They write amazing and powerful songs. To those that don’t like any of them, just won’t admit that they are great.

These women are the future of music and they’re not going away, anytime soon. If these women weren’t around, then the music business would fail. It’s too early to say, you can betcha they will become big legends 20 years from now. Future, Rock and Roll Hall of Famers? Absolutely!

All three of these women write pretty real and honest songs. They write songs that everyone can relate to. Plus, they are so much fun to listen to and I get chills hearing their music. I would love to see all three of these artists perform live if they ever come around here on tour. Hopefully at least one of them will play a concert here. I think I would love to see Adele live more than the other two.


CD Review: Adele “21”

I was never into Adele’s music until now. I finally gotten around to buying her new album, “21”, just out of curiosity. Just had to give it a listen to myself to see why people love her so much. She has a very large fan following of both men and women. Doesn’t matter what genre people listened to, even the rock & metal heads love Adele. I see her everywhere. Ever since I bought the album, it hasn’t left my CD player since. I never listened to her before ’cause I thought she was just another mainstream pop star, after hearing that song, “Rolling In the Deep” too many times which appears to be an overplayed song on the radio. When I finally got the album and listened to it, I realized that she’s more than just a mainstream pop artist. I realized that she’s a true music artist.

The music on the album was amazing. It pretty much floored me. While most of the album was heavily gospel inspired, there is something for everyone on the album. Country, rock, folk, etc. The music can actually get pretty tight & intense. The songs were very emotional and powerful, and you can tell that she must have been very sad about something while she sang these songs. I loved every song on the album. Loved her cover of that Cure song, “Lovesong”, she did a great rendition of that song. A few of my other favorite tracks on the album are “Rumor Has It” and, “If I Remember”.

It took me a long while to get into Adele but now I finally understand her. She’s probably the best singer in the industry today and the songwriting on the album is really good. It makes me want to check out her first album, “19”, now. I will probably get that album soon. Yep, I guess I’m a big fan of Adele now and like her a lot more than Amy Winehouse. Adele’s “21” is a concept album, songs about an emotional break up with her boyfriend or husband or whatever. She did a good job expressing that emotion and got her message out.

Now you can count me in as a fan. If she ever performed a concert around the Albany/Saratoga Springs area, I would definitely go see her for sure. After hearing this album, makes me wish I didn’t bash her to begin with. How can anyone not like Adele? I’m going to be addicted to this album for a while.