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I agree with Ac/Dc headlining “Coachella” but not Drake and Jack White…

Man, I’m tired of Jack White headlining all the big festivals lately. I’m NOT a fan of the White Stripes or his solo career. Jack White is overrated as hell as I’ve never bought his music. Yet, another rapper headlining a festival.

I agree with Ac/Dc, though. Ac/Dc haven’t headlined a big festival in many years so I’m glad they’re getting the opportunity.

I used to appreciate and respect these big festivals like Coachella, Lollapalooza, Bamboozle, etc but they are becoming a joke lately. I am beginning to hate them all.


Edit to add: I meant to say that I wasn’t a fan of the White Stripes or Jack White’s solo stuff.

Youtube will become the next myspace if google is serious about this…

What do I mean when youtube will become the next myspace??? It means that people will jump ship from youtube to somewhere else just like people jump shipped from the old myspace to facebook. Google is getting pretty slimey. I’m starting to dislike youtube even more now and even I’m already starting to think about uploading my videos somewhere else. Independent labels maybe gone from youtube soon including some of the biggest artists like Adele and Jack White will be gone from youtube soon ’cause of the stupid streaming service deal.


I find it real sad that people have to target musicians like this in youtube. First major labels made it tough for youtube musicians to upload cover songs and now this.

It’s getting tougher for musicians to share their music online. It’s all about the money obviously. That’s all they care about is making money out of musicians. Crazy.


Neil Young releases new song “Needle of Death” (a cover song)…

Neil Young is going to release a new album on May 27th titled, “A Letter Home” which is produced by Jack White. This is a new track from the album that Neil dropped this morning and it’s called, “Needle of Death” which is a cover song written by Bert Jansch.

Sounds like Neil is going back to acoustic folk music for his next album. Neil switches back and forth from hard rock to acoustic stuff all the time. I love Neil’s acoustic music. I love his rock n’ roll stuff too. I love it when he does both.

Looking forward to the new album. I’ve been a huge Neil Young fan for years. I have a lot of his albums in my music collection. He’s a big inspiration in my own songwriting.


Report: Jack White will finally release solo album, April 24th…

Now that Jack White, former front man of the White Stripes has nothing to do, he finally got around to record his debut solo album. Jack will release, “Blunderbluss”, under his own record label, Third Man Records, and it will hit stores, April 24th. You can also hear a new song off the album and it sounds like it’s more of an acoustic album.

Read the full story, here.


Thought: Could this be Jimmy Page’s next musical project? Supergroup with Jack White and the Edge???

So let me get this straight. Jack White split up the White Stripes. The Edge is just getting done with the tour with U2, and Jimmy Page is announcing something huge on his website. Does this mean that Jimmy Page just made a new album with Jack and the Edge? I’m hoping that’s what this is, but I doubt it. Would be cool though. We’ll wait and see.


BREAKING NEWS: The White Stripes officially split!!!!!

Out of no where, the White Stripes announced the shocking news today, that Jack and Meg White will both end, the White Stripes band, effective immediately!

Read their statement, here.

Wow! I’m even shocked and kind of sad for this news! This was one talented duo! I loved them. I never bought their albums, but I saw them on TV many times and heard their singles on the radio a lot. They only released 6 albums, so they had a pretty short career.

I’m gonna have to get their 6 albums now, I’ll download them from Itunes soon.

I’m sure Jack will continue with his two other side projects, the Raconteurs and the Dead Weather, but Jack will probably form a new project on his own. Maybe do a solo career?