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Thoughts about Madonna kissing Drake on stage…

Check this out, I hate discussing these kind of stuff on my blog but I thought I would talk about this one:


This sparked a huge debate on the internet so I thought I would get my thoughts on it too. Madonna made a surprise appearance at Coachella during Drake’s set. As she was walking around on stage while singing, doing her usual thing… she made out with Drake onstage. Then there was a lot of speculation that Drake was disgusted ’cause a 56 year old woman kissed him since he had his hand over his mouth after she did it.

You see, I don’t think Drake was being disgusted. From what I saw, he fucking LOVED IT!!! He covered his mouth ’cause from the looks of things, he looked pretty shocked and thrilled. He was in one of those moments that he was pretty speechless that one of pop’s biggest icons made out on stage with him. He did love it. If you watch the video in the link above as Madonna made out with him, he was trying to brush his hand through her hair but she took his hand away. In my opinion, I think it was a bit of a thrill and excitement. He just couldn’t believe that a legend just kissed him, ya know?

I’d be the same way if a female pop star kissed me. This is one of those moments he’s never gonna forget. He was just pretty surprised and shocked, that was all. You heard him himself, “Oh shit, look what just fucking happened”. He was just a little too star struck is what it was. He probably never expected it and she just did it. The kiss was probably improvised and not planned ’cause you know how Madonna is. That woman is unpredictable when she performs. She’s always been sexual like that. Still the same old Madonna she’s always been.


I agree with Ac/Dc headlining “Coachella” but not Drake and Jack White…

Man, I’m tired of Jack White headlining all the big festivals lately. I’m NOT a fan of the White Stripes or his solo career. Jack White is overrated as hell as I’ve never bought his music. Yet, another rapper headlining a festival.

I agree with Ac/Dc, though. Ac/Dc haven’t headlined a big festival in many years so I’m glad they’re getting the opportunity.

I used to appreciate and respect these big festivals like Coachella, Lollapalooza, Bamboozle, etc but they are becoming a joke lately. I am beginning to hate them all.


Edit to add: I meant to say that I wasn’t a fan of the White Stripes or Jack White’s solo stuff.