CD Review: Adele “21”

I was never into Adele’s music until now. I finally gotten around to buying her new album, “21”, just out of curiosity. Just had to give it a listen to myself to see why people love her so much. She has a very large fan following of both men and women. Doesn’t matter what genre people listened to, even the rock & metal heads love Adele. I see her everywhere. Ever since I bought the album, it hasn’t left my CD player since. I never listened to her before ’cause I thought she was just another mainstream pop star, after hearing that song, “Rolling In the Deep” too many times which appears to be an overplayed song on the radio. When I finally got the album and listened to it, I realized that she’s more than just a mainstream pop artist. I realized that she’s a true music artist.

The music on the album was amazing. It pretty much floored me. While most of the album was heavily gospel inspired, there is something for everyone on the album. Country, rock, folk, etc. The music can actually get pretty tight & intense. The songs were very emotional and powerful, and you can tell that she must have been very sad about something while she sang these songs. I loved every song on the album. Loved her cover of that Cure song, “Lovesong”, she did a great rendition of that song. A few of my other favorite tracks on the album are “Rumor Has It” and, “If I Remember”.

It took me a long while to get into Adele but now I finally understand her. She’s probably the best singer in the industry today and the songwriting on the album is really good. It makes me want to check out her first album, “19”, now. I will probably get that album soon. Yep, I guess I’m a big fan of Adele now and like her a lot more than Amy Winehouse. Adele’s “21” is a concept album, songs about an emotional break up with her boyfriend or husband or whatever. She did a good job expressing that emotion and got her message out.

Now you can count me in as a fan. If she ever performed a concert around the Albany/Saratoga Springs area, I would definitely go see her for sure. After hearing this album, makes me wish I didn’t bash her to begin with. How can anyone not like Adele? I’m going to be addicted to this album for a while.


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