Loren Weisman, “Believe in yourself and accept that not everyone else will”…

Yet another great blog by Loren Weisman, check it out, here.

That blog is kind of similar to what I was saying here for days. Can’t please everyone, not everyone will like you or your music. I also agree with him that any kind of publicity, bad or good, is good publicity.

All those hateful anonymous blog postings and people bashing me on youtube videos, that stuff don’t really bother me too much ’cause all it’s doing is helping to promote me, giving me more publicity. Haters can sometimes be good. I know I got a lot of bad publicity with people making fun of me and all that stuff, but that’s fine. If people want to hate me or make fun of me in facebook, blogs, twitter, or youtube, go for it.

A mixed reaction toward you or your music is actually a good thing for your career. It lets you know that people are paying attention to you and following you on a daily basis.

Musicians do have a big problem defending themselves when they’re being attacked by critics or haters. I tried not to do that too much as I’ve pretty much ignored most of it, over the years.

Here’s another good blog by a different blogger giving advice to bands/musicians with a twitter account or other social media sites. How to deal with haters and trolls? “Don’t engage, walk away“.

Don’t respond to any negativity, or you’ll be looking like the asshole instead. I  used to do it, and am learning from my mistakes. If you’re getting a mix of love and hate, that means you’re pretty successful and popular in some way, right?



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