Report: Police officers ask Bob Dylan for ID and they didn’t even know who he was…LOL!!!

Bob Dylan, was in Long Branch, New Jersey, as part of the Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp tour which he is set to play a show at a baseball stadium in Lakewood. Before the gig, Dylan was out for a stroll in Long Branch town to kill some time for something to do.

A young female police officer asked Dylan some ID, but the American folk rock legend didn’t have any ID on him. The police treated him like if he was an unknown person like he was a bum or something.

Dylan explained to the police that he was on tour, still the police didn’t know who “BOB DYLAN” was. Crazy, right? Dylan was very nice to the police and cooperated with them 100%.

The Associated Press reports:

Hilarious! Ha!

How can anybody not know who Bob Dylan is?

They didn’t realize they were talking to an American legend and icon in person!

Now they know!


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