Are you a struggling musician? You should learn from Bob Dylan’s career!!!

I went out Christmas shopping today and at Barnes & Noble… I was looking at the new Caffe Lena book. A history book about the legendary venue in Saratoga Springs. The American rock/folk icon, Bob Dylan played there before his fame…. back when he was unsigned. In Dylan’s earlier years, he was a struggling musician like the rest of us. I’ve read the Bob Dylan section in the book ’cause I wanted to know more about his story performing at Caffe Lena.

In his past, Bob was trying to get gigs all over the Upstate, New York area but nobody would book him at all. He tried to get a gig at Caffe Lena back when Lena Spencer was owner but even she didn’t want him at first. Probably because everybody thought Bob Dylan sucked back then and people had a hard time trying to take his music seriously. Another folk musician by the name of Dave Van Ronk heard that Dylan was trying to get a gig there and Dave happened to be a fan. Dave Van Ronk begged Lena to book Dylan at the venue and she did. After Dylan performed there, she ended up loving him. Lena booked Dylan more and they even became friends back in the day. There are a few photos of Bob Dylan and Lena Spencer hanging out at the venue.

It’s a really special book but it costs $50.00. I would buy it sometime down the road… not right now.

Back to Bob Dylan, he struggled like most of us. It wasn’t easy for Dylan to become big and successful. Look at him now. He’s an American icon and legend!

You see, if you’re a struggling musician and not many people like your music — keep going with the music. You’ll never know where you’ll end up. Just because people ignore your music doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a failure. Don’t give up and keep trying. Dylan never gave it up and he’s STILL doing his thing to this day. To those out there who think is a failure at music… don’t feel that way about yourself. Never.

All famous musicians and bands start off struggling at first. Sometimes it takes years to get big. Getting big and successful certainly doesn’t happen over night.

Just keep writing the songs and getting them out there before you know it… everyone will like your music and support you. You can never tell whether or not people like your music. Just put it out there and see what happens.

I thought reading about Bob Dylan at Caffe Lena was a pretty interesting read. He really fought hard to get where he is now. If he can do it… so can anybody! Even though I’m not that much of a Bob Dylan fan, he just got me a little more respect after reading that little piece. Bob’s past being a struggling artist kind of reminds me of myself.


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