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Elmo is fucked, whether Kevin Clash’s relationship with that boy was legal or not…

I’m sure some of you are dying to know my thoughts about this recent story. So I thought, I would get this one out of the way. WOW!

Elmo. The legendary Sesame Street character, that kids and families of all ages, all loved is totally destroyed. Whether Kevin Clash’s relationship with that kid was legal or not, this destroyed Elmo’s image and reputation. Elmo will not be looked at the same way ever again. So they may as well trash that character after this. Can you see people calling Elmo gay now? Elmo will get called much worse things in the future.

Again, the problem with fame and today’s pop culture, someone will always come out and decide to try and make you look bad in front of everyone. I don’t care whether or not Kevin Clash is innocent or guilty, it’s the Elmo character that is the focus here.

Maybe Mitt Romney had his right to take down Sesame Street, after all? LOL.

Elmo is destroyed. I can see parents saying nasty things about Elmo and they will try to get that character off the show. Especially, the kids, they will not look at Elmo the same way like they did. Think how they would react if they were told this. This is bad for Elmo and Sesame Street.


Report: LOL, Sesame Street youtube channel, hacked with porn…


Yesterday, the Sesame Street youtube channel was briefly hacked with adult porn videos showing up on their page.

Read the full story, here.

This is not going to be the end for them who ever did it. Next they’ll hit the Disney youtube channel or maybe Nikelodeon. They’ll hit any youtube channel that is aimed at the children audience.

To the people behind this, why would they want to do something like this? Offend children and parents with adult porn? I think there’s more of a reason to that.

While porn is obviously banned in youtube, maybe this is their way of bringing it to their attention that porn should be allowed in youtube. Should youtube have an adult section?

Porn should be kept out of youtube. It is banned in youtube for good reasons. If porn was allowed in youtube, then people would be uploading all kinds of crazy things. They also want to keep illegal porn material off the site. I think that’s the main reason why porn is banned in youtube.


Thought: It is a good thing that Bert & Ernie aren’t closet homosexuals…

Well, Sesame Street confirmed the rumors that Bert & Ernie are not gay, and they don’t plan on turning them gay anytime soon.

Read what the makers of Sesame Street have to say about it, here.

I think it’s a stupid and silly idea to marry them anyway. Think about how it’s going to influence pre-school children to go gay when they get older. I think someone who came up with that petition is a stupid idiot, in my opinion.


Cool Video: Cookie Monster wants on Saturday Night Live!

Well, Cookie Monster himself is dying to get on Saturday Night Live. Betty White may have gotten the opportunity over a facebook campaign, and now Cookie Monster is following that bandwagon. I was never into Sesame Street as a kid, but I always thought Cookie Monster was the best character out of the whole Sesame Street gang.

If Cookie Monster gets booked to host SNL, does this mean a Katy Perry appearance? Wouldn’t surprise me.

This video is so cool and funny, it actually made me laugh pretty hard. Come on Lorne Michaels! Get Cookie Monster on!


Cool Video: Katy Perry too “Hot N Sexy” for Sesame Street…

The internets is angry the fact that Sesame Street pulled this video off ’cause Katy Perry showed too much cleavage. While I’m a huge fan of Katy Perry’s music, I agree with the snub. Why did PBS feel the need to yank it off? I mean look at her. She looks like a porn star in that video. I think the part that got to parents is, if you watch it at 1:13, Katy holds a stuffed Teddy Bear. She holds the Teddy Bear so close to her breasts, causing them to bounce when she runs with it. Kids don’t need to be seeing stuff like this especially little toddlers.