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Norm Macdonald reveals the reason for lack of Eddie Murphy on “SNL 40″…

Fans of Eddie Murphy were upset that the legendary comedian/actor didn’t have much of an appearance on “SNL 40”. Everyone was hoping that Eddie would be involved in a big skit but instead he got a tiny cameo appearance during the Chevy Chase skit.

Norm Macdonald revealed some big secrets on his twitter page saying that Eddie was originally gonna be in a big comedy skit on “SNL 40”. Eddie was originally supposed to be in “Celebrity Jeopardy” and Eddie was originally supposed to play Bill Cosby as a way to make fun of all Cosby’s rape accusations.

Eddie said no. Eddie didn’t want to do it ’cause he didn’t want to disrespect another comedy legend so I take it that Eddie supports Bill Cosby and staying on his side? This is Eddie’s way of defending Bill Cosby? Looks like it. It’s no surprise that Eddie Murphy would do something like this ’cause Eddie has been a Cosby fan & supporter for many years. Listen to Eddie talk about Cosby “positively” during Eddie’s old “RAW” comedy show in the video below.

What Eddie did here was cool. He’s a class act.



Say what you want about Miley but she was looking GREAT at SNL last night!

She’s looking pretty stunning, I must say! See? She kept her clothes on this time around, so give her a break you haters. If you’ve noticed on my blog over the years, I’ve never really talked negatively about Miley. I try not to, anyway. I never really had a problem with, Miley.

She was looking gorgeous last night and she was rocking that performance too. Her voice was good.


Cool Photo: SNL legends pose together for a group shot…


I just had to steal this photo from Steve Martin’s official facebook page. This is backstage at SNL, the night Justin Timberlake hosted, the 5 Timers Club. The 5 Timers Club are people who has either hosted or been a musical guest for 5 times or more. Tom Hanks is in the photo ’cause he hosted SNL 8 times. Paul Simon was both host and musical guest at least 5 times or a little more. Of course, Chevy, Dan, and Steve hosted SNL way more than 5 times.

I’m not sure why Martin Short is in the photo ’cause he hasn’t hosted SNL 5 times yet. Surprisingly, Martin is not a 5 Timer yet. Maybe he’s in this photo ’cause he’s friends with those guys especially Chevy, Dan, and Steve.

The guy in the red shirt standing next to Chevy, that’s none other than the SNL head honcho, boss of the show, Lorne Michaels. Isn’t it weird that Tom seems to be the only one not smiling? I think he’s purposely not smiling as part of the humor thing in this photo.

It’s great to see the, The Three Amigos, together again, though. Remember, “The Three Amigos” movie with Chevy, Steve, and Martin? That’s one of my favorite comedies of all time. Good to see Chevy smiling after all that, “Community”, debacle.


Report: First Kristen Wiig, now Andy Samberg leaves SNL…

Wow, all these stars are leaving SNL like crazy. First Kristen Wiig left, and now Andy Samberg is leaving. It’s no surprise to me that Andy could be leaving soon ’cause he is getting too big to be on SNL anyway. We won’t be missing him though ’cause I’m sure Andy is planning to start a full time movie career. When SNL stars leave the show, pretty much all of them move on to movies or they star in their own shows.

Tina Fey left SNL to do “30 Rock”, and Amy Poehler left to do “Parks & Recreation”. Could Andy do his own sitcom and do movies too? Probably.

Who will leave SNL next? Bill Hader? Seth Myers? I’m still not much of a fan of today’s SNL. I only watch if there’s a good host or musical guest is on. I was mostly into the earlier SNL when Adam Sandler, Chris Farley, Kevin Nealon, and all those guys were around. The earlier days of SNL were great!


Report: Lindsay Lohan to host SNL March 3rd, Jack White is musical guest…

If she gets cleaned up with the drugs and sober up on the alcohol, then maybe she gets her career back on track for once. I’ll probably watch, and I’m sure a lot of you will too. Even though she’s the most hated celebrity, you won’t resist this. Yes, she’s done SNL before, but I’m sure you’re all wondering what she’s going to do for the upcoming episode. This episode will indeed get big ratings.

I don’t watch SNL much anymore as I used to. I used to watch it all the time when Adam Sandler and Chris Farley used to be around. I don’t really care for any of the new guys. I don’t even like Andy Samberg, Seth Myers or Bill Hader.

I only watch SNL if there is a good host or a musical guest is on.

Deadline, reports.


Cool Video: Cookie Monster wants on Saturday Night Live!

Well, Cookie Monster himself is dying to get on Saturday Night Live. Betty White may have gotten the opportunity over a facebook campaign, and now Cookie Monster is following that bandwagon. I was never into Sesame Street as a kid, but I always thought Cookie Monster was the best character out of the whole Sesame Street gang.

If Cookie Monster gets booked to host SNL, does this mean a Katy Perry appearance? Wouldn’t surprise me.

This video is so cool and funny, it actually made me laugh pretty hard. Come on Lorne Michaels! Get Cookie Monster on!


Report: “Macgyver” vs. “Macgruber” legal war on it’s way???

It was only a matter of time. I have kind of predicted that a potential legal war would be coming by the “Macgyver” TV creator against SNL who created “Macgruber”. “Macgruber” is a comedy skit created by SNL parodying “Macgyver”.

There’s a guy named Pinche Taco who claims Lee Zlotoff the creator of the “Macgyver” TV series plans on suing the studios of the “Macgruber” movie in hopes of shutting it down and asking for damages. The reason is Zlotoff is working on bringing “Macgyver” the 80’s iconic TV show to the big screen, with Richard Dean Anderson possibly reprising his role as the iconic TV character.

You think SNL would get permission and the authorized rights to make a parody of “Macgyver” right? If what Pinche Taco says is true, I honestly hope they shut the “Macgruber” movie down. This “Macgruber” character is giving Richard Dean Anderson a bad name, and it would ruin the “Macgyver” movie.

More on it here: