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Does Lindsay Lohan have the right to sue the makers of “Grand Theft Auto V”??? I’d say yes…

The “Mean Girls” star, Lindsay Lohan, have sued the makers of “Grand Theft Auto V” claiming they used her likeness without her permission. She accused them of using her image, voice and all the problems that she had in her life to use for the game. Sorry to say, everyone but I have noticed all kinds of similarities of Lindsay Lohan for the game. Especially the girl pictured on the front cover of the box art. It seems like the game was attacking Lindsay all the way even though her name wasn’t being used.

I think she’s doing the right thing looking into it. I’m no fan of Lindsay myself but she has the right to sue if she feels that entertainment media is trying to make her look bad publicly.

I played “GTAV”. It’s a cool game but there’s a lot of whacky storylines in it, though. Plus the game was too easy and predictable.

More on the story, here:



Lindsay Lohan actually has a point about Amanda Bynes…

A new celebrity feud ignited on the internet between Lindsay Lohan and Nickelodeon star, Amanda Bynes. On Twitter Lindsay wrote, “Why did I get put in jail and a nickelodeon star has had NO punishment(s) so far?”

Before you go hating on Lohan, you should research on the legal problems between both Amanda and Lindsay. Amanda had similar incidents like Lohan did. Amanda had been caught driving under the influence and had a few hit and runs, but she was let go and not sent to jail.

What did Lindsay get? She got way harsher punishment than Amanda got. Getting jail time, rehab, probation, getting forced on house arrest, and Lindsay even spent months wearing an alcohol bracelet.

This is just a perfect example of how fame can control a famous person. Lindsay got worse punishment because of her fame, period.

And now Lindsay just went and did a hit and run in NYC, maybe she did it on purposely to prove a point to Amanda? Amanda was let go, and I’m willing to bet the law will put Lindsay through hell again. Maybe a couple of months in jail and large fine, and Amanda gets nothing. Think how wrong this is. THINK!

Sorry, but I’m siding with the Lohan on this one.

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Report: Lindsay Lohan confirmed to play Elizabeth Taylor for Lifetime movie…

Lindsay Lohan, is set to play the late legendary actress, Elizabeth Taylor, for a biopic film on the Lifetime channel, titled, “Liz and Dick”. The film will focus on Taylor’s relationship with, Richard Burton.

The Hollywood Reporter, reports.

This movie is probably gonna suck, and it’s not just because Lindsay is in it. It’ll suck because Lifetime makes shit original movies. I tried to watch the Drew Peterson movie with Rob Lowe on “Lifetime”, but gave up on it after a half hour of watching it.

I think Elizabeth Taylor deserves a better biopic than this. “Cleopatra”, is one of my favorite movies of all time by the way, and I would like to get that film on Blu Ray sometime.


Report: Lindsay Lohan to host SNL March 3rd, Jack White is musical guest…

If she gets cleaned up with the drugs and sober up on the alcohol, then maybe she gets her career back on track for once. I’ll probably watch, and I’m sure a lot of you will too. Even though she’s the most hated celebrity, you won’t resist this. Yes, she’s done SNL before, but I’m sure you’re all wondering what she’s going to do for the upcoming episode. This episode will indeed get big ratings.

I don’t watch SNL much anymore as I used to. I used to watch it all the time when Adam Sandler and Chris Farley used to be around. I don’t really care for any of the new guys. I don’t even like Andy Samberg, Seth Myers or Bill Hader.

I only watch SNL if there is a good host or a musical guest is on.

Deadline, reports.


Cool Photos: As I expected, Lindsay Lohan, Playboy photos leaked…

Earlier this week, Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy cover was leaked, well here is her pictorial from that magazine at Perez Hilton’s website, uncensored.

Check out the photos of her nude as she tries to be like Marilyn Monroe in these pics, here.

She has real nice tits and all, but I’m sure they are not perfect in real life. I’m sure the photos did a lot of airbrushing and photoshop work. She looks awful as Marilyn, though. I don’t think I will buy the mag.

If she’ll get off the drugs & alcohol, and get in better shape, maybe she’ll get more respect with her naked body.


Lindsay Lohan Playboy cover leaked…

There it is, folks, Lindsay’s Playboy cover, being released soon. I’ll probably buy it, just out of curiosity. I’m sure plenty of other people will buy it out of curiosity as well. Even if she’s the most hated woman in America, people won’t admit that they all want to see her naked. That issue will indeed be the biggest selling magazine of all time. I’m sure her pictorial in that mag will get leaked online sooner or later.


Report: Lindsay Lohan finally agreed to pose for Playboy???

Lindsay’s been turning down Playboy repeatedly over the years, but it looks like she is finally up for it. Well, she’s gotta find work somewhere since she isn’t being accepted in the Hollywood business, right? I would call this a “rumor” for now, so don’t believe it as of yet. I won’t believe anything until I see a Playboy magazine with her on the cover at newsstands.

More on the story, here.

If this turns out true, I’m sure this will be the biggest selling Playboy issue of all time. Even if she is the most hated celebrity in America, people won’t resist this magazine. I know a lot of people are going to buy it out of curiosity.

I’ll definitely buy it if it’s for real.


Report: Stephen King wants Lilo to play the new Carrie…

The new “Carrie” remake has found it’s writer. MGM has hired play writer, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa to pen the script for the new “Carrie” re-boot. Stephen King himself speaks to Entertainment Weekly about his opinion on the remake.

Stephen says he loves the original “Carrie” movie that was directed by Brian Depalma. He says if they could get Lindsay Lohan to star as the new Carrie White and get either David Lynch or David Cronenberg to direct it, he might like the remake.

Read his statement about the “Carrie” remake, here.

If you think Stephen loves all of his movies that were based on his books, then you are wrong. King is a very honest man. He isn’t afraid to say if one of his movies is really bad and he always hated Kubrick’s version of “The Shining” starring Jack Nicholson.

Another thing, the new “Carrie” remake needs to have a cameo appearance by Sissy Spacek herself. A “Carrie” remake could be good if made right. It needs a good script, good casting, and good directing.


Report: Al Pacino to return to mobster films in “Gotti: Three Generations”…

The cast of “Gotti: Three Generations”, is looking amazing so far. First John Travolta gets signed for “The Dapper Don” Jon Gotti Sr., Lindsay Lohan gets in for a role and Joe Pesci as well. Al Pacino has been signed to play Neil Dellacroce, who is Gotti’s associate and mentor. This would make Pacino’s return to mobster flicks, since “The Godfather” and “Scarface” era.

The Hollywood Reporter reports.

Well, I don’t think Travolta and Pacino ever starred in a movie before. Correct me if I’m wrong. This is a great team up!


Cool Video: About Lindsay Lohan’s, Leno appearance last night…

So I watched the Lindsay Lohan interview with Jay Leno last night. As we all know, this is Lindsay’s first TV appearance in a long while. Not only she went on there to help promote the new “Gotti” film that she’s in, they talked a lot of jail stuff and I was surprised how honest she was at everything. Everyone calls her a bad person, but after seeing her interview, I saw her as a nice, sweet, and fun person. She also seems very honest. She did a great job on the interview. I was pretty impressed with her, actually, and she just got a lot more respect from me. She is looking good and she is looking a lot better. Congrats Lindsay.

Watch her interview on Leno, here.