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Today, marks the 50th Anniversary of the movie, “Cleopatra”…


Today, officially marks the 50th Anniversary of, “Cleopatra”, the biopic film of the Egyptian Queen. This is one of my favorite movies of all time. I watched this movie on Netflix a long while back, I think sometime last year and I loved everything about it. Such a beautiful movie and story! On top of that, Elizabeth Taylor was smoking HOT in this film. That’s a huge part of why a lot of people like this film. I almost bought the 50th Anniversary Blu-Ray to “Cleopatra” but put it back and decided to get it another time. Maybe, I’ll pick it up next time. When I saw this on Netflix streaming, yes, I’ll admit it was the first time I ever watched the movie. I’m trying to catch up with all the big classics on Netflix. This is an amazing film, though.


Report: Lindsay Lohan confirmed to play Elizabeth Taylor for Lifetime movie…

Lindsay Lohan, is set to play the late legendary actress, Elizabeth Taylor, for a biopic film on the Lifetime channel, titled, “Liz and Dick”. The film will focus on Taylor’s relationship with, Richard Burton.

The Hollywood Reporter, reports.

This movie is probably gonna suck, and it’s not just because Lindsay is in it. It’ll suck because Lifetime makes shit original movies. I tried to watch the Drew Peterson movie with Rob Lowe on “Lifetime”, but gave up on it after a half hour of watching it.

I think Elizabeth Taylor deserves a better biopic than this. “Cleopatra”, is one of my favorite movies of all time by the way, and I would like to get that film on Blu Ray sometime.


RIP: Elizabeth Taylor 1932 – 2011

Very sad and heartbreaking news today. One of the most famous actresses in the world, Elizabeth Taylor passed away. She is known to having various health problems over the years, mostly having problems with her heart. She is a two time Academy Award winner. She won for “Butterfield” and “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf”. Her most famous role that she is well known for is, “Cleopatra”, the biopic film of the Egyptian queen which she starred alongside, Richard Burton. Another one of her famous roles is in the film, “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”.

We lost a true legend in the movie industry today. I actually watched “Cleopatra”, on TV just not too long ago and next thing you know, Elizabeth is gone. Elizabeth Taylor was 79 years old.