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The Foo Fighters steal the show with the Ice Bucket…

This is the best one yet. The Foo Fighters parody the Stephen King movie, “Carrie”, the Brian Depalma version. Check it out. It’s hilarious. This will give you the LOL’s.

Dave Grohl is no stranger to wearing drag… remember back in his Nirvana days now.


New “Carrie” film thoughts…

Earlier this week, I finally gotten around to watching the new “Carrie” film w/Chloe Moretz. The film based on Stephen King’s first novel and the remake from the 1976 film by Brian Depalma.

I thought the new “Carrie” film was pretty good actually. This film was pretty faithful to the book for the most part. It followed the original story pretty well except for the ending. The ending was a little different. I thought Chloe made a good Carrie White but I was most impressed with Julianne Moore playing Margaret, Carrie’s mother. Julianne did a great job playing that character as expected.

I have a few complaints about the film; however, that the film had a bit too much GGI. There is a bit too much slo-mo as well. I also think they should have kept Stephen King’s ending in this movie. I don’t want to talk about the ending ’cause I don’t wanna spoil things. It’s obvious that the ending to the new “Carrie” left open for a sequel.

Other than that, this film wasn’t bad. The prom scene was actually BETTER than the Depalma version. I kind of was at the edge of my seat during Chloe’s prom scene. It was pretty intense.

This film wasn’t too bad. Pretty good but could have been better. Nothing I could watch over and over.


Just finished re-reading, Stephen King’s “Carrie”… ***Spoilers beware***

I just finished re-reading Stephen King’s, “Carrie”, novel. This was obviously the first novel, King has written in his career. The story was originally intended to be a short story for a magazine, but King has decided that this story was garbage, so he throw it out. His wife, Tabitha King, dug the story out of the trash, and she read it. She loved it too much that she begged him to finish it. Stephen finished it, but expanded it into a novel instead of a short story. Now look, where the book got him. He is the world’s most famous writer, all because of,”Carrie”. If he threw out “Carrie”, and if his wife haven’t found it, then King wouldn’t have gotten where he is today.

On with the story, I really hope the new “Carrie” film with Chloe Moretz, would stay more faithful to the book. I’m going to talk a little bit about the story, with spoilers of course.

**********************SPOILER WARNING************************



The reason I hate Depalma’s version of “Carrie” so much is because for the most part, most of it didn’t follow the book. I thought most of that film was pretty whacky to begin with; even though, I thought Depalma’s version of the Prom scene was terrific. That was the only good part about that movie.

However, in King’s book, “Carrie”, Carrie White just didn’t go in total destruction mode of the Chamberlain High School. She destroyed the whole town. In the book, she already knew she had telekinetic powers, while the movie acted like she was trying to figure it out. At the end of King’s book, Carrie actually dies because she used way too much kinetic powers to kill Chris Hargensen and Billy in a car, (I think they showed the car destruction in the new “Carrie” trailer, that was just out). In Depalma’s version of the movie, they let Carrie survive at the end. Will they actually let “Carrie” die, in this movie?

In King’s book, the book ends with another girl named, Melina, having telekinetic powers, similar like Carrie’s. I wouldn’t be surprised if the new “Carrie” movie with Chloe Moretz, will let Carrie live at the end so there can be a sequel. This movie shouldn’t have a sequel ’cause King’s book didn’t end like that.

I’m hoping, and praying that the new “Carrie” film with Chloe will stay more true to this book, this time around, and looking at the new trailer, it looks like it might. While Depalma’s version with Sissy Spacek is a classic movie, indeed, it just didn’t work for me. I think Chloe’s version will make it just right, this time around.

********************************************END SPOILER****************************************


Cool Video: I was actually pretty impressed with the new “Carrie” trailer!!!

I meant to post this a few days ago, but I actually loved the new “Carrie” trailer. The film looks surprisingly good and I’m gonna try to see it, hopefully. How faithful is the new film to the book, this time? I have no idea. I haven’t read the book in a long time, and I planning on re-reading it soon, so I can tell if it is or not. It does look a little different than the Depalma version for sure. To be honest, I never liked the Depalma version, it was way different than the book, although, I still like the Prom scene at the end. A lot of people are complaining that the film has been remade a couple of times. It’s like, so what, ya know? Maybe they felt like the older versions of “Carrie”, didn’t work. This would be considered the third “Carrie” remake ’cause the second time was in 2002 for a TV film. I think this one wants to stay faithful to the book, this time around.

I also wanted to respond to this misinformed comment posted in that youtube video by some idiot, “Don’t need to go to cinema now. Saw the whole film in the trailer.” I know that was a joke, but it was dumb. I’m sure there is way more to the film than that, ’cause I noticed that the trailer is loaded with secrecy. This film wants to get more in depth with the story. Keep in mind that the book doesn’t end with the prom scene, the story drags on after that. I do remember that the book has a controversial ending, and not sure if this movie will use that ending from the novel. Depalma’s version didn’t use the ending from the book, his ending of the film was different.

I’ll have to start re-reading the book again, maybe I will this weekend. Looking forward to seeing it. As you all know, I’m a huge fan of horror films. Love them.



Cool Photo: See the NEW Carrie drenched in pig’s blood!!!

Chloe Moretz herself, was the first to release this photo still from the upcoming “Carrie”, remake. She released it herself exclusively on her instagram page. Stephen King himself, is not involved with the new “Carrie” remake, at all. Which is a good thing actually. I’m a big Stephen King fan, but mostly a fan of his writing. Most of his movies are garbage with the exception of “The Shawshank Redemption”, “The Green Mile”, “Misery”, “Needful Things”, “Pet Sematary”, “Stand By Me”, and “Dreamcatcher” which I thought were really good films.

I didn’t even care for Depalma’s version of “Carrie” that much, it didn’t follow the book hardly at all. So I’m hoping the remake will stay faithful to the book. I plan on re-reading “Carrie” soon.

See Chloe drenched in pig’s blood here. I hope they do the film justice, and hope they make it better than the Depalma version. Sissy Spacek was a great Carrie White, don’t get me wrong, it’s just that the script was really bad. Could the remake do the prom scene just as good? I’m hoping!


Cool Photos: Your first official look at the upcoming “Carrie” remake, here…

Two photos have been released from the upcoming “Carrie” remake. One photo is Chloe Moretz as Carrie White drenched in blood (not sure if it’s pigs blood from the prom scene, probably is) and the other photo is Julianne Moore as Carrie White’s crazy mother.

See the photos, here.

Looking good so far. Lets see a trailer soon please!


Report: “Carrie” remake with Chloe Moretz will hit theaters March 15, 2013…that’s next year, folks!!!

The Stephen King remake of “Carrie” which will star, Chloe Moretz, and Julianne Moore has been added to the casting. Julianne will be playing Carrie’s abusive mother.

More on the story, here.

I love the “Carrie” story. It’s one of my favorite King books too. I know a lot of people are wondering if this remake will be similar to Brian Depalma’s 1976 version, but this new version could be totally different than that. Maybe the remake wants to stay more faithful from the book?

Depalma’s version probably left out so much from the book and probably changed the story around some. In fact, I think the ending between Depalma’s versin of the film and King’s book are totally different. I’ll explain the ending to both with a spoiler warning at the end of this blog post.

I’m not sure of the plot for the “Carrie” remake but it might be slightly different than the Depalma version. “Carrie” is clearly a revenge story. A troubled young girl getting back at her high school who treated her terribly. So she uses her telekinetic powers for retaliation.

She probably will get splattered with pig’s blood but will it be real or CGI???? I hope they don’t use CGI blood.

Here’s the plot to the ending between King’s version and Depalma’s version ****************SPOILERS****************

The ending to Depalma’s version. After the prom scene, Carrie goes back home to her mother. Her mother thinks the devil has taken over Carrie, so she stabs Carrie in the back. Carrie falls down the stairs, so they fight in the kitchen. Carrie uses her powers to make their home collapse with them in it. Later on Sue, a survivor of the prom, has a dream where she is at Carrie’s house where it used to be. Sue places flowers on the ground, a bloody hand reaches and grabs Sues wrist.

Kings version of ending “Carrie” After the prom, Carrie goes home to confront her mother. Carrie’s Mother thinks she’s gone mad, and Carrie kills her own mother, by stopping her heart, using her powers. That’s where Chris and Billy were at the time, so they try to kill Carrie by running her over with a car, but instead, Carrie kills them using her powers. Carrie collapses due to the blood loss. Sue walks to the roadhouse where she finds Carrie laying in the parking lot. They talk telekinetic powers and Carrie blames Sue for it. The book ends with Sue writing a memoir titled, “My Name Is Susan Snell”. She also gets a letter by a woman from Tennesse who has a niece developing telekinetic powers.

***************************END SPOILER******************

You decide which ending they could use for the remake. I’d say they would use King’s version, but they could totally make their own original ending if they wanted as well.


Report: Chloe Moretz is the new Carrie White!!!

MGM studios is in negotiations with young actress, Chloe Moretz (she’s 15), to star as Carrie White in the remake of Stephen King’s, “Carrie”. While this is a nice choice, Chloe and Sissy do look pretty similar to each other, almost like sisters! Sissy played the character when she was 27, so it looks like they are going for younger casting. If you don’t know who Chloe Moretz is, you might have seen her in the film, “Kick-Ass” (she played Hit Girl), and the vampire film, “Let Me In”.

I think a “Carrie” remake, could be pretty good if they did it right. I just hope they don’t ruin the prom scene. The original prom scene from the 1976 film was the best part of the whole movie and the remake might not be able to top it. Who knows, we just might have to wait and see. I’m curious.

Deadline, reports.



Report: Stephen King wants Lilo to play the new Carrie…

The new “Carrie” remake has found it’s writer. MGM has hired play writer, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa to pen the script for the new “Carrie” re-boot. Stephen King himself speaks to Entertainment Weekly about his opinion on the remake.

Stephen says he loves the original “Carrie” movie that was directed by Brian Depalma. He says if they could get Lindsay Lohan to star as the new Carrie White and get either David Lynch or David Cronenberg to direct it, he might like the remake.

Read his statement about the “Carrie” remake, here.

If you think Stephen loves all of his movies that were based on his books, then you are wrong. King is a very honest man. He isn’t afraid to say if one of his movies is really bad and he always hated Kubrick’s version of “The Shining” starring Jack Nicholson.

Another thing, the new “Carrie” remake needs to have a cameo appearance by Sissy Spacek herself. A “Carrie” remake could be good if made right. It needs a good script, good casting, and good directing.