Just finished re-reading, Stephen King’s “Carrie”… ***Spoilers beware***

I just finished re-reading Stephen King’s, “Carrie”, novel. This was obviously the first novel, King has written in his career. The story was originally intended to be a short story for a magazine, but King has decided that this story was garbage, so he throw it out. His wife, Tabitha King, dug the story out of the trash, and she read it. She loved it too much that she begged him to finish it. Stephen finished it, but expanded it into a novel instead of a short story. Now look, where the book got him. He is the world’s most famous writer, all because of,”Carrie”. If he threw out “Carrie”, and if his wife haven’t found it, then King wouldn’t have gotten where he is today.

On with the story, I really hope the new “Carrie” film with Chloe Moretz, would stay more faithful to the book. I’m going to talk a little bit about the story, with spoilers of course.

**********************SPOILER WARNING************************



The reason I hate Depalma’s version of “Carrie” so much is because for the most part, most of it didn’t follow the book. I thought most of that film was pretty whacky to begin with; even though, I thought Depalma’s version of the Prom scene was terrific. That was the only good part about that movie.

However, in King’s book, “Carrie”, Carrie White just didn’t go in total destruction mode of the Chamberlain High School. She destroyed the whole town. In the book, she already knew she had telekinetic powers, while the movie acted like she was trying to figure it out. At the end of King’s book, Carrie actually dies because she used way too much kinetic powers to kill Chris Hargensen and Billy in a car, (I think they showed the car destruction in the new “Carrie” trailer, that was just out). In Depalma’s version of the movie, they let Carrie survive at the end. Will they actually let “Carrie” die, in this movie?

In King’s book, the book ends with another girl named, Melina, having telekinetic powers, similar like Carrie’s. I wouldn’t be surprised if the new “Carrie” movie with Chloe Moretz, will let Carrie live at the end so there can be a sequel. This movie shouldn’t have a sequel ’cause King’s book didn’t end like that.

I’m hoping, and praying that the new “Carrie” film with Chloe will stay more true to this book, this time around, and looking at the new trailer, it looks like it might. While Depalma’s version with Sissy Spacek is a classic movie, indeed, it just didn’t work for me. I think Chloe’s version will make it just right, this time around.

********************************************END SPOILER****************************************


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