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Saw “IT – Chapter Two” last night and freakin’ loved it!!! Surprisingly pretty close to the book…

Last night, I went to the movies to see the new Stephen King movie, “IT – Chpater Two”. I re-watched the first one last Saturday night. From what I’ve saw of the two IT movies, it was all pretty faithful to the book for the most part. It was all pretty close. Of course, both movies had little changes here and there a little bit but not too bad.

I thought “It – Chapter Two” was a well-made film. I loved it despite the film getting mixed reviews. Yeah, there were a lot of CGI in the film but it’s hard to make all that stuff from the book to make it all real so CGI was needed no matter what you think of it. They had to use CGI for the film so they can match the weird things happening from the book.

I thought the cast did really great, though. Everybody did a good job… the kids did a good job playing the young version of the Losers Club and the adult actors did a great job playing the full grown version of the Losers Club. It was interesting seeing Bill Hader in a non-comedic role seeing that Hader is most famous from Saturday Night Live. I guess Bill Hader just wants to be taken seriously as an actor and he doesn’t just want to be seen as a “comedy” actor. He wants to show that he can do other genres when it comes to acting. I thought he did a good job playing in a non-comedic role. Jessica Chastain made a perfect Beverly and James McaVoy killed it as Stuttering Bill. The rest of the cast did good too and I was also impressed with Isaiah Mustafa who played Mike Hanlon (is that performance Oscar worthy? Yes, definitely.)

Anyway, I thought “It – Chapter Two” was very good and definitely getting the BluRay when it comes out. The TV version of IT with Tim Curry as Pennywise was pretty cool but that version wasn’t faithful to the book at all. The remake was 10 x’s more faithful.

There are still other movies I want to see in theater for the rest of the year though. We have: “Rambo: Last Blood”, the “Joker” movie with Joaquin Phoenix, “Doctor Sleep”, “Maleficient: Mistress of Evil”, “Terminator: Dark Fate”, “A Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood” and “Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker”. I’m gonna try to see all these.


Calling out hypocrite Stephen King in regards to Trump’s “shithole” comments…

Stephen King offended by someone swearing. Really? LMAO! I’ve been a Stephen King fan for many years. I’ve read most of his books. His novels over the years are full of curse words. King wrote every curse word in the book throughout his novels. He also used plenty of derogatory terms in his novels as well. I think it’s safe to call him hypocrite Steve. I love Steve’s books still but his political views are terrible. He’s a smart man when it comes to writing but when it comes to politics, he’s just a misinformed liberal like the rest of ’em.


Stephen King’s “Gerald’s Game” on Netflix was surprisingly very good, definitely worth watching if you’re a fan!

Stephen King’s Gerald’s Game is one of my favorite books of his. It’s in the top 5 really. It’s a great book, and finally a movie has been made of the book exclusive for Netflix streaming. I watched Gerald’s Game last night, and I was surprised of how great it actually was. The movie was just as creepy as the book. I was also astounded at how faithful the movie was from the book ’cause it was pretty close.


Is it just me or is Hollywood getting much better with Stephen King adaptations to film? It seems so. Most S.K. movies have been pretty much garbage except the good films I’ve seen were: The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, Kubrick’s The Shining, Carrie (the original) and Misery. Then here comes new Stephen King movies for the big screen: The Dark Tower and IT which I thought both were really good. Now here comes Gerald’s Game for Netflix which I was impressed by. I think Hollywood’s goal is to try to improve S.K. films which is why they’re trying to remake a lot of them.

Keep in mind, though, S.K.’s The Stand is getting a big screen remake next, and that would probably turn out real good too.

Yeah, Stephen King is a liberal and he’s anti-Trump, but I don’t give a shit. I don’t care about an artists politics, it’s the entertainment I care about. I’ll still support Stephen King ’cause he’s a hero of mine. King was the one who got me into reading books and writing of my own. Yeah, King’s political views are whacky but he’s still a good writer.

Back to Gerald’s Game though, it makes me want to read that book again and I will. I may even re-watch the movie on Netflix tonight ’cause it was that damn good. You should check it out too if you’re a Netflix subscriber. Most of Netflix’s original movies and TV shows are garbage but they finally released something good.


Just saw Stephen King’s “IT” in theater today and it was freakin’ GREAT!!! WOW!!!


Well I’ve just seen the latest Stephen King adapted film which is the IT remake. It was surprisingly a very very good movie. I loved it. Of course, in the film there were minor changes and a few things were left out from the book but not bad. For the most part, though, the film was pretty faithful from the book. I was astounded on how close the movie was to the book. I don’t want to talk about details of how different the film is from the book ’cause I don’t want to reveal spoilers. This film was definitely 10x’s better than the 1990’s mini-series version with Tim Curry playing Pennywise. In this 2017 big-screen version, it’s a lot scarier.

Was I scared watching the movie? No; I wasn’t scared at all. The reason is that I’ve been watching horror films almost all my life, so I’m used to watching dark and creepy films. Of course, I used to be scared to death watching them when I was a kid. Now I see horror films as just entertainment for me.

I thought the cast did a good job playing the characters from the book. I’ve just finished re-reading the book earlier this summer just so I can be reminded of the story. I thought the new film was very entertaining all the way through as I wasn’t bored one bit. This is how today’s horror films should be. Most horror films these days has been nothing but slasher films without any plot at all… well this film is not some typical slasher film at all. Yes, there is plenty of gore throughout the new “IT” film but at least this film has a plot to follow. I like horror films with a plot.

I thought this film was the best Stephen King adapted horror film in a long time. Most Stephen King horror films are garbage but there are a few good ones out there like: Kubrick’s “The Shining”, “Firestarter”, Stephen King’s “Cat’s Eye”, “Creepshow”, “Needful Things” and “Pet Sematary”.

I thought the new “IT” film was great and I’m already looking forward to part II. In this film, the Losers Club were just kids and they’re gonna be full-grown adults in the next one. I wonder who the cast is gonna be for the Losers Club for the next film? Are they gonna use big name stars? It’ll be interesting to see who they’re gonna play the adult versions of Bill, Ben, Mike, Richie, Eddie, Mike and Stan. They’re gonna have to find adult actors who looks like the kids in the first movie which shouldn’t be a problem for them. The actress who plays Beverly Marsh in the 2017 version reminds me of Amy Adams, and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they actually get Amy Adams to play Bev in the sequel.


Jack Posobiec goes to Stephen King’s home in Bangor, Maine…

Jack Posobiec, a popular twitter personality and author goes to Stephen King’s home in Bangor, Maine. Everybody knows that Bangor, Maine is where Stephen King lives. Yes, the home seen in the video is really Stephen’s home ’cause it’s got the gargoyles on the fence for proof of it.

Stephen King got blocked by President Trump on twitter so Posobiec decides to go to Stephen’s home and read him the latest Trump tweets to help keep Stephen updated. Then Jack slipped his book that he wrote and published under King’s fence as a gift for him.

The question you have to ask yourself is, would it be considered trespassing for going to King’s home without permission? No. As long as you don’t get past King’s fence then you’re fine. It’s okay to stand in front of the fence and have a look. King doesn’t mind his fans coming by to check out his home. If King caught you jumping the fence then he’ll probably take action but as long as you stand outside of the fence, you’re good.

Stephen King lived in that home for most of his life and he still lives there today with his wife Tabby. All his kids don’t live there with him anymore ’cause they’re all grown up and moved on.

Anyway, it is interesting how King seems to be upset getting blocked by Trump when King hates him so much. It’s no secret that S.K. is a pretty liberal guy. I just wish S.K. would shut up about politics and just write, ya know? King is a great writer and I’m a huge fan too but he needs to realize that he has conservative fans too including me. This is why celebrities needs to shut up about politics ’cause it alienates their fan base, know what I mean?

I’m with this Posobiec guy… I too have seen “The Dark Tower” movie which I thought was pretty good and I’m looking forward to the new “IT” movie. Yeah, S.K. is a liberal and anti-Trump but who cares, I’ll still support his work anyways ’cause he’s a hero and inspiration to my own writing. No doubt, King is a bit of an egomaniac and kind of douchy but he’s still a great writer. I just wish he would stick with writing and shut up about politics ’cause he doesn’t realize it’s hurting his career.

It is hilarious though that King is upset that he got blocked by Trump. S.K. probably didn’t think Trump was reading his twitter… well, King thought wrong. King won’t quit the Trump bashing. If he’s intentionally trying to get a liberal-only audience well he’s succeeding at that which to me is sad.



Saw “The Dark Tower” movie earlier today and it was freakin’ awesome surprisingly!!!

Roland Deschain.jpg

Ron Howard has been trying to make “The Dark Tower” series happen for many years; he had a lot of difficulties and setbacks trying to get this project greenlighted. Studios kept rejecting the project and it was finally picked up by Columbia Pictures. The studio, Columbia Pictures was gracious enough to finally get it greenlighted and get the project going. The film also went through a few actors trying to sign on the leading role of Roland Deschain, the books protagonist. Javier Bardem was the film’s original choice for Roland but Javier bailed and the role was obviously given to Idris Elba instead. While I’m sure Javier would have done a great job, I’m glad the role was given to Elba ’cause Elba killed it. Elba knocked it out of the park; he was a total badass as Roland Deschain, I was impressed!

As far as the movie, “The Dark Tower” itself goes — I thought it was excellent! The film is getting mixed reviews by movie fans and getting trashed by critics but the last thing you want to do is listen to them. Just go see the movie yourself and then make your own opinion, that’s what I do. I thought the script was well-written and well-acted by the cast. The movie was an hour and a half long; it maybe a short movie but that’s because the book was short.

Yeah, the film overdid it with the CGI effects but what else are they gonna do when they keep switching to our world to Roland’s world where he came from, ya know? The CGI was needed for a movie like this. It was still a phenomenal movie, though. I fucking loved it all the way through. No complains at all. Definitely one of the best movies of 2017 other than “Logan”.

I thought Matt McConaughey played a badass villain like he always did. I think Matt did play a few villains in his career over the years especially his film “Killer Joe” (another great movie he did) but Matt was awesome as the Man in Black.

I thought the film was entertaining as hell. I had to go see it ’cause it’s one of my favorite books and I’ve been looking forward to this film for a pretty long time and the film is finally here!

Again, don’t listen to the critics, y’all. I thought the movie was brilliant and definitely getting the movie on BluRay when it comes out. Some of you may ask… how many Dark Tower movies are there gonna be? Will Eddie and Susannah be in the next one? I don’t know. Reading about the “Dark Tower” movie, this is a continuation of the 8 books so technically this movie isn’t based on any of the 8 books.

I can see Susannah appearing but Eddie, I don’t know. Something happens to Eddie in one of the books which I don’t want to say. Yeah, I know Eddie and Susannah are the two most popular characters in the series. The movie series is a continuation after the books so it’ll be hard to bring them both back. I’m sure the writers will figure it out, though ’cause this is Stephen King. Anything is possible with him, haha!

Again, don’t listen to the negativity toward this movie. Go see it and enjoy!



I think “The Dark Tower” trailer looks pretty sick, in my opinion, I’ll give it a chance…

So “The Dark Tower” trailer is finally out. I’m a huge fan of the Dark Tower books. I’m not a big fan of Stephen King’s politics and don’t like how he’s a Trump hater but despite all that, I’m still a fan of his work and his movie adaptations too.

This trailer is getting mostly negative reviews from what I’ve seen… actually the reviews are pretty much mixed but in my opinion, I think the trailer is fucking awesome.

A lot of people are like, “To those who read the book, will be upset”… I’ve read the book. In fact, I’ve read the book several times over the years of my life as “The Gunslinger” is one of Stephen King’s best books, in my opinion. From what I’ve seen in the trailer, it is pretty faithful to “The Gunslinger”, don’t listen to the critics.

Some of you ask, why doesn’t Roland Deschain (played by Idris Elba) have the hat which is depicted in the artwork of the books? Well in “The Gunslinger” novel, I think Roland lost the hat and doesn’t get a new one ’til in the later books. I don’t want to reveal any major spoilers, of course but I’ll leave it at that. Some are already asking where are Eddie and Susan, a married couple who are part of the second ka-tet? Well you won’t see them two until “The Drawing of Three” which is the second Dark Tower book so you probably won’t see them until the second movie. The first movie is an adaptation of “The Gunslinger” novel.

In the beginning of this trailer, you see Roland shooting at some creatures which are called the “slow mutants” just like “The Gunslinger” novel. The story is about Roland Deschain who is in search for the Man in Black whose name is Walter (a character who Matt McConaughey plays).

Once again from what I’ve seen of the “Dark Tower” trailer is pretty faithful to “The Gunslinger” novel. I’m gonna have to re-read the novel again before the movie comes out.

I’m definitely willing to give this one a chance and will see this one. I’m looking forward to seeing the “It” remake too. They both look real good! I’m so glad that “The Dark Tower” movie is finally here after all these years. I’ve been waiting for it for a pretty long time!


The “IT” remake trailer is finally here, the film actually looks very good too!

I’ve lost interest in Stephen King lately. Why? 1) His newer books hasn’t been that great 2) He’s a pretty liberal guy and he’s anti-trump. Despite all that, “IT” will always be one of the best books he has ever written. It’s a great story. I loved the TV mini-series version of “IT” but this looks even better. The new “IT” remake actually looks very promising and I think I will see this film in Sept. It actually looks kind of scary too. Definitely gonna check this one out, I think.


Stephen King is one of the many authors who petitioned to stop Trump…

I used to be a die-hard Stephen King fan but I don’t think I am anymore. At first, I didn’t mind him being against Trump but since he signed this stupid petition… it’s the last straw for me… I think I’m done with Stephen King. Such a shame ’cause I collected almost all of his books. I think I’m pretty much done buying new Stephen King books and I’ll sell all the S.K. books that I have now on my bookshelf.

I don’t mind people being against Trump but them telling us not to vote for Trump is never cool.

An Open Letter to the American People

Ah well, it’s turning out that Stephen is nothing but a liberal nutjob like most authors. Stephen’s political views has always been so one-sided. He’s one of those loons who believes Democrats are so cool and Republicans are evil.

I can’t stand people like that.

I’m so done with Stephen. Time to boycott. I could sell all of my S.K. books at a yard sale. Maybe start an ebay account and sell ’em on Ebay or I can sell the books at a buy & used bookstore.

I don’t mind people being “Never Trump”, just don’t tell us not to vote for him.

I wonder who Stephen is supporting for president? Even though he has never publicly endorsed anybody yet, he’s probably a Bernie Sanders fan.


Stephen King is first to confirm “Dark Tower” casting… Idris Elba is Roland the Gunslinger, Matt McConaughey is “Man in Black”…


Stephen King himself is the first to exclusively report official casting for Ron Howard’s “Dark Tower” movie. Idris Elba has been confirmed to play Roland Gilead aka “The Gunslinger” and Matthew McConaughey has been signed to play The Man In Black which is the main villain for the series.

So does that mean that McConaughey is Randall Flagg? Because that’s who the Man in Black is. That could also mean that McConaughey will also be playing Randall Flag for the new “Stand” movie that’s gonna be in the works soon. So McConaughey will be playing Randall Flagg in both “The Stand” and “The Dark Tower” it’s looking like which is cool. McConaughey is a very talented actor and he can play anything. I know McConaughey can play a great villain ’cause he was a villain in the film “Killer Joe” which he was brilliant at.

I don’t know about Idris Elba playing Roland though ’cause Roland wasn’t a black character. Look at the “Dark Tower” comics by Marvel, Roland was a white dude, not black. That’s gonna confuse a lot of people for sure.

They need to cast someone for Jake too. They won’t cast anyone for Eddie & Susannah ’cause they don’t appear until “The Drawing of Three” which was the second novel so Eddie & Susannah will be in the sequel.