Stephen King is one of the many authors who petitioned to stop Trump…

I used to be a die-hard Stephen King fan but I don’t think I am anymore. At first, I didn’t mind him being against Trump but since he signed this stupid petition… it’s the last straw for me… I think I’m done with Stephen King. Such a shame ’cause I collected almost all of his books. I think I’m pretty much done buying new Stephen King books and I’ll sell all the S.K. books that I have now on my bookshelf.

I don’t mind people being against Trump but them telling us not to vote for Trump is never cool.

An Open Letter to the American People

Ah well, it’s turning out that Stephen is nothing but a liberal nutjob like most authors. Stephen’s political views has always been so one-sided. He’s one of those loons who believes Democrats are so cool and Republicans are evil.

I can’t stand people like that.

I’m so done with Stephen. Time to boycott. I could sell all of my S.K. books at a yard sale. Maybe start an ebay account and sell ’em on Ebay or I can sell the books at a buy & used bookstore.

I don’t mind people being “Never Trump”, just don’t tell us not to vote for him.

I wonder who Stephen is supporting for president? Even though he has never publicly endorsed anybody yet, he’s probably a Bernie Sanders fan.



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