Hulk Hogan isn’t rich at all like you think he is…

This is no surprise to find out that Hulk Hogan is secretly having other rich people fund his lawsuits. It’s easy to see why ’cause Hulk Hogan isn’t all that rich like you think he is. He probably can’t afford the attorney fees himself and Hulk has other billionaire friends who was willing to help him. This goes to show that Hulk must be in serious financial trouble which also shows the reason he went after Gawker. Hulk is probably in serious debt which is probably the reason why he shut down the Hogan’s Beach restaurant in FL and now runs a store instead. Hulk is not rich anymore like he used to be. I’m sure he’s still wealthy but he’s not super rich. Hulk is a greedy egomaniac. Would do anything for money.


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