Trump will destroy Hillary over Whitewater scandal, Vince Foster suicide and Benghazi… watch out…

It’s obvious that Mr. Trump has been doing a lot of homework on Hillary Clinton… in other words, he’s been doing his research for sure. Trump is just starting to bring up a few of Hillary’s scandals ’cause scandal is Hillary’s middle name. Why has Trump been doing his homework? It’s because the media refuses to be honest about Hillary Clinton. Most of us already know a lot about Hillary’s scandals anyways and once again, Trump is just saying the same things we’ve all been thinking for a long while.

We know about the Whitewater scandal, the Vince Foster suicide and Benghazi. Trump called her out on all three of those.

I don’t know much about the Whitewater scandal so I did some homework myself to read more about it… the Whitewater scandal has something to do with real estate, the Clintons tried to purchase land to open a business but failed. It was a shady business deal of some sort.

Anyway, I really don’t think Hillary could handle Mr. Trump at the debates during the General Election. Mr. Trump is gonna destroy her hard. Trump is probably gonna bring up a lot of her scandals during the debates with her: Whitewater, Vince Foster, Ron Brown, Filegate, Nixon’s Watergate, etc. Trump is gonna bring up all that stuff when he faces her in a debate. She better be ready.

You know how Hillary smiles & laughs a lot during debates and speeches? Well, she won’t be smiling and laughing when she faces Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump will wipe that smile off her face easily… watch him, y’all. Hillary is done.



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