Protesting at Trump rallies is expected to get brutal out in the West Coast…

Protesting and rioting at Trump rallies in the East Coast wasn’t all that bad but the protests/riots in the West Coast Trump rallies would get brutal. Why would Trump protests/riots get a little brutal in the West Coast? Pretty much that any states that are near Mexico, the protesting/rioting would get pretty rough. Any states near Mexico like California, New Mexico, Arizona, etc. Those are all the states where all the Mexicans would be coming in.

I’ve been watching a lot of protesting/rioting videos that were filmed out West and they were interesting. It’s not only Mexicans is the problem at Trump rallies… black thugs are also a huge problem out West. People of all races out West protest at Trump rallies.

I know how the NeverTrump crowd love to praise these protesters/rioters for trying to silence Trump supporters but come on. People’s lives are being put in danger ’cause of these fucking scum who protest/riot at the Trump rallies and it’s insane that the NeverTrump crowd doesn’t care about human beings. The NeverTrump crowd don’t care if people get hurt or even killed… they would do anything to stop Trump even if it’s illegal.

I despise these protesters/rioters, fuck ’em all. I know what a Trump rally is like ’cause I’ve been to one. These protesters/rioters were obviously paid by someone.

Keep in mind when you protest at Trump rallies, it’s an insult to America so therefor you hate America and it shows.

When I went to that Trump rally in Albany, I did my best to ignore the protesters ’cause if I decided to start an argument with them… I could risk getting my ass kicked so I didn’t bother confronting any of them at all. Don’t let ’em bother ya. All they’re doing is helping Trump win and proving all the reasons why we need that wall.



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